5 Millionaries From Investing In Bitcoin

It is completely natural for any person to constantly search for opportunities in life and there are many fields available even to the ordinary people for as long as you have a vision, then you can make it happen too. We have featured here the 5 millionaires that took their chances in Bitcoins and it paid off. Then, it was risky for investment, but they had the guts to invest.

Charlie ShremBitcoin Investor Charlie Shrem

The technology was all risky with the Brooklyn college student way back 2011 but that fact didn’t stop him from purchasing 500 coins for 3 dollars each. The price as we all knew rise to higher price and goes for 20 dollars each but instead of stopping, he continued and purchased more thousands of it. While going to school, Charlie established the Bit Instant that enabled people to buy bitcoins from 700 thousand merchants including Walmart. It was his vehicle to riches along with his purchased coins, and now he had an estimated amount worth 45 million dollars. He also had an unfortunate turn of event, and you can read more about it here.

Winklevoss Twins At TechCrunch


These are the twin who embraced bitcoins in the very first years of the now booming industry. In New York Times, it was reported that they had invested 11 million dollars , making them two of the wealthiest in the network and over the span of time they have reached the accumulation of 400 million dollars wealth.


Yifu Guo

He was a student at the NY University, when he started mining Bitcoin currency to get some cash. That made him profit to pay the necessary bills like rentals. That eventually made him realize that the future of Bitcoin can still go far. He dropped out from the university and founded the Avalon, it was the ASIC miners and the chips with super speed in graphics cards that cost less. Because of that, the blockchain networks buzzed, and it raised its demand that one paid 1,500 dollars for ASIC miners and sold it in eBay listing for 20 thousand dollars. You can read a good interview with Yifu Guo at VICE.

Jered Kenna

Photo: CoinDesk.com


He had his success and failures, but that never stopped him from becoming a prominent enterprising person in the Bitcoin history. He was an ex-marine when he made his purchase batch of bitcoins for only 2 dollar cents that time and traded them for 250 dollars each, and now his worth was 30 million dollars with the help of the Bitcoin.

Topy Gallippi

He was a CEO of Bitpay and along with the real estate and bonds he included Bitcoin in acquiring investment. Bitpay processes the payment to other users and it just put in many bitcoin profits with this business.

Those five are just a few to mention that had become millionaires in Bitcoins. The list may not be monitored because of the impossibility to trace the wallet owners, and thus it makes more discreet holdings of the bitcoin currencies. The fluctuation in the stock market is also present in the cryptocurrencies. If you know how to evaluate and play the game, this is a lucrative opportunity for you that could end up with the high-scale rewards. Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrency? If you are, make sure to read our top cryptocurrency picks for 2018 or maybe check out the ICO Calendar for the updated initial coin offering schedule.

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