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blockchain for beginners

The world’s investment process has indeed evolved into another technology wherein things are more profitable. If you are the type of person that is hyped with anything that goes with investment perhaps you may have heard about blockchain and Bitcoin. The background history of this technology which was a clever intervention by Satoshi Nakamoto and has also led many people to question the entire goal of the system. Its digital information was distributed. However, it is not copied. Technically, this innovative idea of earning money has created a new type of technology. This is a form of digital currency wherein the Bitcoin tech community is finding its potential uses to make an impact in the use of technology.

Most people address Bitcoin as the “digital gold” of the century for a good reason. Its currency is close enough to reach $9 billion of US dollars, and the good thing about Bitcoin is that it make for of digital value. There may be instances wherein knowing how it works is not that important. However, having to know its basic knowledge would give you a deeper understanding as to how blockchain works and how it is considered to be a revolutionary thing in earning a good return on investment.

What is blockchain?

The use of blockchain is a digital ledger that is incorruptible that is recorded and programmed not only its financial transactions but also its virtual digital value. It the past few years, a lot of development has been made on the technology and blockchain has gained popularity. Just recently bitcoin IRA has become an option for those seeking diversification. If you are interested, you might want to read our article on Bitcoin retirement investment here.

It is a distributed database – information that is held mainly on the blockchain exists as a shared data. This means that the use of the network has its benefits for you to consider. Keep in mind that these databases are not stored in just one single storage or any location. Therefore it can be viewed public and easy to verify.

Strength and Durability

The blockchain technology is built on strength and durability. Its advantage is to block any information that found an identical network. Therefore, there are two things that you need to know about blockchain and these are not controlled by any entity or no point of failures. Since the invention of Bitcoin from 2008 has not merely operated by any means of disruption. Mind you, if there are unsuspected an activity that means the system has been hacked or it is mismanaged.

It is incorruptible and transparent.

The use of blockchain isn’t the same with other platforms as this automates by itself for every ten minutes. This comprises of two important properties, and these can’t be corrupted, and it is a transparent type of data.

Therefore, the use of the blockchain system or method has indeed changed many lives. It gives you a sense of security as this is protected. It provides a peace of mind because it makes sure that your investment is growing and at the same time and opportunity for you to improve the functionality of your business. It is best that you seek financial advisers to ensure that investment is a good experience.

Bitcoin and How it Works

Bitcoin is said to be a virtual currency and became a digital interest among people who want to learn more about it, and at the same time, the confusion remained by the time it was released five years ago. However, the more its visibility and presence spread, the more are interested. Especially a lot of investors entered the market and there has been a lot of controversy over the fact that the whole cryptocurrency space might me a bubble. Whether or not you are invested, it might be worth read this article on our best cryptos to invest in 2018.

On the contrary, there are still who are questioning about the value and why is Bitcoin called the future currency? Is it something that you will be gaining in the future? What is Bitcoin for? How are you able to earn it?

What is Bitcoin?

The history of Bitcoin isn’t stated, but there is news about its founder who seemingly made cryptocurrency as the future money in the next years to come. This is a virtual banking currency that is only possible via internet. This is a type of cryptocurrency wherein computer codes are held to have monetary value. Most of these codes are made according to the electricity and computers that are high in performance. So, if you are expecting something actual or physical to hold the reality is that there is nothing for you to hold.


Cryptocurrency is derived from the word Cryptography which means every process or transactions are protected every time there are purchases made. The invention of new coins is also controlled to make sure that there is no duplication. However, the government doesn’t have any control over creating cryptocurrencies which is why it makes it very popular. The use of Bitcoin is seen to be very valuable as the future approaches.

The controversy over Bitcoin

There are various reasons that Bitcoin currency became a real sensation among others. During the time of 2011 to 2013, there were a group of people that had bought Bitcoins in a manner that it is equivalent to millions. This turns out that they have made it possible to make money out of it. According to research, Bitcoin can’t be moved because this makes a controversial issue among money makers. Also, with more and more people getting into the market and the ICO landscape seeing  tremendous growth, a lot of bad projects entered as well. It has become increasingly hard to find good projects, due to the fact that so many of them are fake. To find out if a initial coin offering is legit, check out this schedule and our reviews of the best ones.

How does Bitcoin it work?

Bitcoin is designed completely compared to actual money. Its value is also self-contained which means that you don’t need the help of any bank just to assure that it can be stored in one location. Imagine if you have internet money and purchasing any goods or services are paid through the use of Bitcoin.

How is it tracked? This is when the use of blockchain is used. Blockchains is your wallet, and this helps protect your Bitcoin in such a way that it make sure that you are not duplicating any double transaction and for people to copy any means of Bitcoins.

Therefore, bitcoin is an innovative idea to change the ways of life. This can be a future wherein money in the form of Bitcoin is safe and protected.

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