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Best Companies To Invest In 2018

There are a lot of stocks out there. We will be looking at some of the best stocks to invest in 2018, with a good growth record and above average dividend returns. Stock growth is an important way of gaining value. However, when the markets face a downturn, dividends represent a stable way of income while reducing the decrease of the value of the underlying stock as many buyers turn to stocks with a better yield.

1. Seaspan Corporation (SSW)seaspan logo

Seaspan Corporation is a company, founded in Washington in 2005. They are active in the transport sector focusing on overseas traffic. They manage container ships, charters and deploying vessels.

Looking at the period of the last five years, both their sales and net income have more than doubled in size. Their dividend yield is 7.39%.

2. Alliance Holdings, (AHGP)alliance holdings gp logo

The limited partnership, owning Alliance Resources Managment GP LLC, was founded in 2005. It is based in Oklahoma, USA. Their core activity involves coal, mostly mined in the US Midwest area. The company is supplying their product mostly to business entities. Their sales and income have almost doubled in the last five years. Their dividend yield currently stands at 12.53%.

3. Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR)digital reality trust logo

Digital Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust that was founded in 2004. Based in San Francisco, the trust serves customers from around the globe. They are offering services in digital consulting, critical facilities management and sale-leaseback datacenters. Their consumers are internet companies, manufacturers and financial services companies. Their net income has tripled while their sales have doubled in size in the last five years. The dividend yield stands at 3.92%.

4. Banco de Chile (ADS) banco de chile logo

The bank was founded in 1893, in Chile, Santiago. The company operates in the banking sector, engaging in various activities. Their retail is concentrated on mortgage loans and credit cards. Their wholesale part targets corporate entities and big companies. In this segment, they are providing commercial loans, liquidity management services, leases and derivative instruments.

Their total revenue and net income have both doubled in the last five years. The dividend return is at 2.32%.

5. PBF Energy Inc. (PBF)PBF energy

PBF Energy is a company working in the oil sector. They are one of the biggest independent oil refinery owners in the USA. They are supplying various products, such as heating oil, transportation fuels, lubricants, and asphalt. Their oil refineries are located in Delaware, Ohio, and New Jersey. PBF was founded in New Jersey in 2008. Their sales record is quite amazing as they are a young enterprise. Their sales jumped from $228 million to 19,15 billion in their first five years of doing business. Their dividend yield currently stands at 3.43%.

6. American Campus Communities Inc. (ACC)American Campus Communities INC

The real estate investment trust was founded in 1993 in Austin, Texas. They operate and develop student housing real estate in the states. It is a self-managed trust with prowess in development, construction management, leasing and management of student housing estates. Their sales have more than doubled in the last few years and their stock’s dividend yield stands at 4.53%

7. Eaton Corp. PLC (BP)eaton corp PLC logo

The management company, founded in 1911 in Dublin, Ireland, offers energy-efficient answers for its customers when it comes to electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power management.

Furthermore, they are a leading international supplier of aerospace fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Their vehicle sector is involved in the design, manufacture, and marketing of powertrain systems that improve the efficiency of energy consumption and performance and safety of commercial vehicles.

Their revenue has doubled in the past 9 years and their net profits have quadrupled. Their dividend yield is 5.54%.

8. Global Partners LP (GLP)Global Partners LP logo

The company, founded in 2005 in Massachusetts is one of the biggest gasoline, distillates and residual oil supplier in the northeastern part of America. Additionally, it is employed in the transport logistics business which mostly covers the transit of domestic and Canadian crude oil. Their wholesale consists of home heating oil, gasoline, diesel, residual oil, and kerosene. Their customers are mainly gasoline stations and other resellers of their products. Their revenue has grown significantly in the last years and their dividend return stands at 11.56%.

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