Buy Gold Bullion, Coins and Bars

Buying gold as an investment or part of a retirement account? Look no further to find all the information on how to buy gold online.

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buying physical gold bullion online

For thousands of years, gold & silver has been know as the primary form of currency and has been used when trading. What gives gold its value is the fact that: it is a real asset, cannot be artificially produced and has inherent value. Until 1934 it has been used to guarantee paper currency in the U.S. .

Produced by precious metals refiners and mints around the world, it comes in the form of:

  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Rounds

Why Buy Gold?

By buying gold online or offline, you invest in an tangible asset, which stood the test of time and has been around longer than ANY paper currency. It is just as much in demand today, as it was a few hundred years ago and held its purchasing power during uncertain times. During economic uncertainty  gold can act as a monetary insurance policy against the traditional market such as stocks, as it prices move independently. The value of gold is not dependent banks, government or stock markets as it is determined by the free market.

If you are considering investing in gold, we recommend you learn more about how to buy gold online. (see best prices here)

Gold Bars10 ounces suisse gold bar

This is what most people think about when considering gold bullion. When buying gold bars, keep in mind that they come in different sizes and shapes, ranging from 1g to as large as you can imagine. It is the most cost-effective, easiest and safest way to purchase and own physical gold. They offer the most pure, gold/USD value and are the primary choice of many. The premiums you are paying are generally lower when comparing it to buying gold coins. Sometimes, gold coins can be a great choice, but leave that to one of our experts. In general, bars tend are the most popular way to invest and tend to be bought by investors only while coins have a following with collectors and investors alike.

For additional security each gold bar is stamped with:

  • Serial Number
  • Fineness
  • Exact Weight

Rest assured, that no matter what type of gold products you decide to invest in, gold is a tangible and valuable form of currency.

Gold British Royal Mint CoinGold Coins

Gold coins offer their value for the bullion content and scarcity. While bars can be produced in almost any quantity  and in many ways, coins have a scarcity factor. Once production of a gold coin is complete, the same coins will never be another edition produced. They also come with peace of mind that they’ve been produced by a respected and trusted mint like the Royal Canadian Mint or US mint.

While they generally cost more than bars, much of this cost is recovered when selling them. Gold coins are the optimal choice if you prefer to own bullion produced by the most reputable and known mints in the world. In almost every country, gold coins serve as a legal tender, while bullion bars do not.

Gold Roundsgolden state mint gold round

Circular discs, mostly produced by private mints are gold rounds. These are great for investors who are interested in the stable purchasing power of gold. They are great as a hedge against inflation, but are not as diverse or collectible as gold coins. Coming in different sizes (1g – 12 oz), they feature the same high-standard detailed designs and finish.

Gold Bullion Mints

Worldwide, a number of mints produce gold bullion, either in bar or coin form. Facilities are run by governments or by private refining and minting companies. Every company uses their own special design and security measures, making bullion unique and safe. These features are unique to each mint and offer a peace of mind when buying gold bullion.

Private Mints

When mints are not operated by governments and are independent we call them private mints. They are limited in only producing gold bullion rounds or bars. There are many private mints worldwide, here are some of the most trusted and popular:

  • Sunshine Mint
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Credit Suisse
  • Valcambi Suisse
  • PAMP Suisse
  • OPM Metals

Government Mints

When a country’s government runs and operates minting facilities, we call them government mints. Mints are used to produce the country’s coinage as well as high purity precious metals for investment purposes. Below we listed some of the most popular:

  • United States Mint
  • South African Mint
  • Chinese Mint
  • Australian Mint
  • British Royal Mint
  • Austrian Mint
  • Royal Canadian Mint

How to buy online from a reputable dealer?how to buy gold bullion online

Many new investors fell hesitant when buying gold online, not sure where to find a reputable dealer. To answer this question, you should check out our Regal Assets Review and quickly you will find that they are the best company to do business with both for Gold IRAs as well as buying gold bullion.

You will get the best prices when purchasing online because online dealers don’t have overhead costs of a typical brick-and-mortar business and have loads of competition.


Is buying gold bullion a good investment?

This might sound as a cliché, but compare what an ounce of gold would buy you a hundred years ago and today. Dollar on the other hand, can’t do the same things it did, lets say even 25 years ago! Gold has always kept its purchasing power throughout history. If you are saving for your retirement, why would you want to save in dollars? We all know the US dollar has been losing its value for years now. As a rule of thumb, it is good to keep 10-15% of your saving in gold&silver.

What type of physical gold should I invest in?

When investing in gold as a long-term savings vehicle, always go for the most reputable and trusted bullion at the lowest-prices possible. The best priced bullion is usually the best known and trusted and their value is not determined by rareness or collectibility, but by pureness and weight. You want to buy from trusted and reputable government or private mints. For additional information, call our representative at +1-844-334-0018

When is the right time to buy?

The best answer is always: NOW. If you are saving for retirement, you should hold some gold as part of your portfolio. If you see the big picture you shouldn’t try to “time” the purchase of physical gold. If you have long-term goals and plan to hold it for years to come, it doesn’t matter if you buy today or wait another year.