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purchasing gold coins online

Buying gold coins online is often called the most valuable choice for collectors and investors when they are buying the precious metals. The gold standard is more than simply an expression; it is the industry standard. There are numerous government and private mints on earth that strike gold bullion coins for investors. Each of these is well-known and beloved by millions on every continent, assuring that their coins will be oversubscribed and highly liquid for the foreseeable future. Whether you are investing through precious metals IRAs or just buying physical, here are some of the top tips.

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When buying gold coins online to save and invest your money, consider purchasing the most reliable and common gold coins that are value based.

  • Austrian Philharmonic

    Widely traded worldwide, investors love these coins for their unique design and the Austrian Mint’s trust and reputation.

  • Pre-1933

    Most of the countries ditched the gold standard by the year 1933, in an attempt to counterpart the money printing and accelerate inflation during the Great Depression. Most mints stopped producing gold coins. These are good coins to own for their bullion not the collector’s value.

  • Gold Eagles

    First released in 1986 by the United States mint it is the official gold coin of the United States. You can buy them both in proof as well as bullion, described by their weight and marked with a face value.

  • Australian Coins

    They feature a standing kangaroo design on the front and the Queen Elizabeth on the back. These bullion coins are 99.99% gold.

  • Canadian Coins

    One of the purest gold coins you can buy, at .99999 fineness, it issued by the Government of the Dominion of Canada, each year the Royal Canadian Mint produces Gold Maple Leaf Bullion coins. The most standard Canadian gold bullion coin comes in at 1 troy ounce and has a $50 Canadian dollar value.

  • Krugerrand

    In 1967 this gold coin was first minted by the South African mint. Production quantities varied in the last 50 years and by 1980 this gold coin was taking up 90% of the global market.

  • Gold Buffalos

    With a gold purity of .0000 it is higher than the Gold America Eagle. It was first minted in 2006 by the U.S. Mint.

  • British Sovereign

    Being one of the most recognizable coins, first minted in 1817 (and still being produced), they are also the cheapest way to buy smaller sized gold coins. With .2354 troy ounces of gold this has to be the best buy gold coin, without paying the premium.

In North America, there are the United States and Canadian Mints. The U.S. Mint produces both circulating coins and bullion/proof issues for investors and collectors. Their two most followed gold coin programs remain the American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalo coins. The Royal Canadian Mint is among the leading mints internationally. It is beloved for its incomparable coin designs, yearly releases, and world-leading .9999 or even .99999 gold purity emblematic in nearly all its proof and bullion coins. Nowadays the Canadian Mint strikes over a billion coins annually. Besides the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion gold coins, it also creates its ever popular Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf coins.

There are two leading European mints today. The oldest is the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. It was established in 886 as the London Mint. Britain’s Royal Mint remains among the oldest continuously operating mint facilities anywhere. It enjoys the prestige of having struck a number of the most well-known and heavily circulated coins in the globe. This resulted from the scale and scope of the British Empire. Royal Mint coins were struck on every continent in international branches that saw their British Gold Sovereigns spread throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Their most popular piece today is undoubtedly the Britannia, official bullion coin available in silver too.

The Austrian Mint is ironically also connected with England. Established in 1194, the silver that started it came from ransom paid for King Richard the Lion Heart of England to Duke Leopold V. He utilized these 15 tons of silver to strike the first coins of the Austrian Mint. Their most beloved coin today is also Europe’s favorite bullion piece – the Austrian Vienna Philharmonics. They also strike these in silver and platinum because of their perennial popularity worldwide.

The last of the greatest world mints is Australia’s Perth Mint. One of two official mints in the country, the Perth Mint became founded in 1899 two years before the country evolved into its federation of commonwealth of independent states. This Perth Mint rapidly grew into among the greatest, most popular coin producers and precious metals refiners anywhere.