Buy Silver Bars Online

buying silver bars online

When you are buying silver bars online or at your standard brick&mortar business (which we don’t recommend) there is one appealing advantage. The cost per ounce of silver is typically the cheapest available. This is why they are the principle means of investing in silver bullion today (such as through gold IRAs). These bars are available in a wide range of weights and issued by numerous private and government organizations. In general, the price of bars will be minimal per ounce over spot silver pricing. The exception would be with rarer editions that sometimes can be collected.

Buying Silver Bars – Sizes

Bars and rounds come in a range of typically one ounce to a hundred ounces in size. Naturally the single ounce bars, ingots, and rounds command the largest premium over spot on a per ounce basis while the hundred ounce versions get the least markup per ounce. Entry level silver investors will gravitate towards one ounce bars and rounds while major investors will appreciate the value in the hundred ounce bars. Single ounce bars and rounds are supremely easy to buy and sell and are plentifully available around the world. The next size is five and ten ounce bars. Ten ounce bars are extremely popular as a good mid-sized investment point. From here investors can step up to kilogram and hundred ounce bars. Smaller bars really only make sense for those who intend to sell off incremental holdings over time.

Mints in most countries produce and distribute a wide range of silver bars or rounds. The best known of the private mints is undoubtedly Engelhard. They have achieved enduring fame for being among the most popular, beloved, and highly reputed brands in all of the bullion-producing industry. Yet the company is relatively new at less than 20 years old. Their branded bars and rounds are so demanded that people will pay more than spot premiums for them, even as much more as for some bullion coins. Investors often enjoy collecting their rarer edition bars, in particular the discontinued production ones.

Silver rounds are simpler versions of bullion coins. They also lack the coins’ distinctive and appealing sharp designs and features. In many cases, rounds are simple circular blanks of one ounce size and weight with the mint mark, mint brand logo, and bullion weight stamped on one side. It explains why they are generally much cheaper on an ounce-per-ounce basis than the competing silver bullion coins.

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