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Buying silver coins online proves to be the most popular type of silver, since they can be both a bullion investment and a collectible coin. Practically every silver coin will retail for a higher premium than the simple spot price of silver, unlike most of their rivals silver bars and rounds. If you are investing through a IRA, make sure you read through our gold IRA buyers guide.

Buying Silver Coins Onlinebuy silver coins online

Silver coins are enduringly popular with good reason. They are scarcer than any silver bars or rounds by far and are in greater demand in consequence. The coins enjoy a far larger secondary market since they cannot simply be reproduced on command. While bars and rounds can be struck at any firm, coins come in fixed batches made by a specific mint. It is this combination of silver spot value and inherent collectible value that makes the coins so much more expensive per ounce than competing bars and rounds.

Some of the most popular silver coins are:

  • 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin
  • 1 oz. Mexican Libertads Coins
  • 1 oz. Panda Coins
  • 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Upwards of thousands of different coins have been struck throughout the millennium. These hail from the nations which are the most powerful and recognized globally, including the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Australia, and Austria. Countless other countries also strike sovereign coins, but these former ones are the best-loved and most heavily produced and traded.

In the U.S., it is the American Silver Eagle that enjoys the greatest popularity. Canada’s Silver Maple Leafs are an enduring favorite. Great Britain has its Silver Britannia coins; Austria its Austrian Vienna Philharmonics; Mexico its Silver Libertad coins. Australia has several series of beloved coins, including both the Kookaburras and Kangaroos. Each of these are also produced and enjoyed in their gold forms.

While the highest quality ones are referred to as proofs, most of them come issued by their mints in brilliant uncirculated condition. The proofs have their mirrored or frosted and sharply detailed appearance resulting from multiple striking. It makes their markings and images highly engraved. As the most complex silver coins on earth, they are generally the most costly too.

Prices of purchasing silver online

When buying silver bullion coins, they almost always cost more than comparable bars and rounds. This amount can easily range from $10 to $20 more than the per ounce spot silver price. Higher demand and less available bullion silver pieces will feature still higher prices over spot. Naturally the proof versions of these will cost even more. This can amount to even $50 to hundreds over spot pricing. It is the actual demand for a given issue that sets the price over spot it ultimately commands.

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