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Buying Silver for Its Popularity

When buying silver bullion bars, coins or rounds you have to realize these are some of the most popular and even beloved investment vehicles of all time. Where silver is concerned, a range of types are offered for both collectors and investors such as precious metal IRAs. Dealers always tout the affordability of silver, especially as compared in price to gold. There are three main types of silver bullion available today:

  • Silver Bars
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Rounds

10 oz silver .999 bullion barBars and rounds are basically the same thing with only their shape being different. Private firms and fabricators produce bars and rounds, while mints strike the vast majority of bullion coins. Coins are always more expensive per ounce than the comparable bars and rounds thanks to their collectible premium which goes atop the silver value actually making up the coin. Coins are always scarcer and in higher demand than bars and rounds, which are infinitely available.

Silver has a number of reasons for why investors go to it more often than any of the rival other three precious metals gold, platinum, and palladium. The prices are so much vastly lower than the others that investors feel like they are receiving a whole lot more physical silver for their money. Novices and smaller investors especially find this feature appealing.

You should be aware upfront that silver prices are and always will remain volatile. This is because compared to stocks, bonds, and real estate, the global silver market is tiny. Many investors utilize a huge amount of financial leverage when they trade the grey metal which boosts price volatility as well. Yet it is both a unique and exciting commodity to own thanks to its dual roles as investment metal and critical industrial applications metal. As analysts have opined for over a decade now, the supply and demand scenario is unusually bullish for silver.

Why Buy Silver? Enormous Upside Potential

Today’s fundamentals and historical data both provide significant support for the idea that silver prices could effortlessly super -spike at any moment. This actually happened in 1979 when silver prices skyrocketed from $6 an ounce to more than $49 an ounce in only a year. This unbelievable 700 percent price run in just a year has hardly been repeated by real and tangible assets since then. The industrial demand for silver story of today is what gives hope for a massive price increase at any time, much like the one that occurred in 1980.

Buy Silver Bullion Bars, Rounds, and Coins Online – Differences100 ounce .999 silver bullion bar

The silver bullion rounds are mainly available in single ounce sizes, unlike the larger silver bars that can come even in hundred and thousand ounce sizes. Each of these typically cost the same negligible premium over spot per ounce. Obtaining them in enormous bulk is the way to get the very best pricing per ounce of silver. gives private investors worldwide the  option to access professional bullion markets and benefit from the lowest costs for: buying, selling and storing silver&gold.

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Silver bullion coins are something completely different and really special. These remain the most ancient form of coins in all of human history. Such coins have been struck since the Greek Drachmas of ancient Greece and the ancient earliest known coins of Lydia in Western Turkey. Collectors love to buy these coins regardless of whether they still have any face value or not. Other silver coins are sold by weight as with so-called junk silver.

Without a doubt, silver coins are the most exciting way to acquire silver, though they are also the most costly form of it. Popular modern-day silver bullion coins include the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Chinese Silver Panda, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic, the Mexican Silver Libertad, and the South African Silver Krugerrand. An enormous quantity of countries and territories the world over mint their own coins. These are generally the ones which are most in demand on the silver markets today.

There is a key reason why silver coins cost more than silver bars and rounds, despite having the identical silver content. Coins have additional collector appeal and a great amount of demand on the secondary market. Coins happen to always be rarer, usually come with a significant face value, and possess an undeniable beautiful and aesthetic appeal that limitlessly mass produced plain-looking bars and rounds simply cannot match.

Other Forms Of Silver Coins

american eagle coinJunk silver proves to be the pre-1965 issued circulating silver coins from the United States. Included under this designation are the Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Kennedy half dollars. Their only real value is their bullion silver content, thanks to the huge numbers of them that were struck and their well-worn appearance and condition from spending a lifetime in circulation. It means that such coins possess no known numismatic or collectable value. Junk silver tends to attract those who are new to silver investing.

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are technically not junk silver, though they were produced in ever increasingly huge numbers in the late 1800s and early 1900s so that they are far from rare today. Ironically, Morgan Dollars prove to be among the most collected and collectable coins in the history of the U.S. Struck from 1878 to 1904, their historical appeal cannot be denied, as they are tied to the romantic westward expansion of the Old West and the exciting gold and silver rushes.

Struck a final time in 1921, these Morgan Dollars were produced at a wide range of mints, including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and Carson City. Despite their exciting appeal, collectability, and ongoing popularity, Morgan Dollars barely cost more than their literal melt down value (except in the few occasions of the rarer ones or the CC mint struck pieces). Only the rarer ones preserved in near-mint condition are collectible enough to carry y real premiums over silver spot. Peace Dollars were struck from 1921 through 1935. They were mass produced in comparison to the Morgan Dollars and are also commonplace in most years.

Silver Spot Prices Are Most Critical When Investing In Silver

The most critical element in purchasing silver bullion is the underlying silver spot prices. This is the going rate which is figured up daily and fixed in London and New York per ounce. All types of silver bullion are either strictly or marginally based upon the then-current spot price of silver. It helps both sellers and buyers to know what the present market values for their metals actually are.