Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency List by Performance and Market Capitalization in 2020

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The year 2020 has already proven to be the biggest one for cryptocurrencies so far. By August 26th of this
year, the total alternative currency market cap had skyrocketed by over 810 percent on a year to date basis, from last year’s relatively tiny total of $17.7 billion to an incredible currently $161 billion total. Many of these up and coming alt coins have given investors returns in only eight months that have taken the S&P 500 stock market literally decades to accomplish.

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It is no exaggeration to claim that in 2017 you might have hurled a dart at a board made up of the biggest ten cryptocurrencies, and you would have earned an incredible sum of money. Second leading alternative currency Ethereum has experienced a 4,300 percent increase in the value of its market cap in only the first eight months of the year so far. Meanwhile, NEM has returned over 8,600 percent so far in 2017, making it substantially the best performing digital currency year to date.

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Top 10 list of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

In this revealing article, we’ll consider the top ten biggest cryptocurrencies to watch by market capitalization  along with their year to date percent gains up to September 1st in 2017:


#1 performing crypto - small logo bitcoin

1. Bitcoin: 375% Gain

Still the first, largest, and most famous of the cryptocurrencies dating back to its humble beginnings only a decade ago in 2007, Bitcoin remains the undisputed king of the alternative currency market. It is a valid short term long term investment. Today it has a serious challenger and rival in number two Ethereum, yet no other cryptocurrency can claim to have pioneered the firsts of this space like BTC does and actually has.

It still possesses many significant advantages to this day, as it remains the cryptocurrency with the biggest well-established user base, the most admired reputation, and the first mover advantage. No other alternative currency can claim anywhere near the acceptance rate as the Bitcoin either, with national household names including Amazon and Subway retailers accepting it for payment purposes.


2. Ethereum: 4,279%

#2 best performing - ethereumEther has only been in existence for an incredibly brief two year time span since 2015, yet in that time this newer currency has quickly leapfrogged over the rest of the other major alternative currencies to become number two by market cap and popularity. Consider that on only January 1st of 2017, one Ether token cost a mere $8 and it topped over $400 this same year for a staggering over 4,200 percent gain, and you will get an idea of the incredibly rising power of this alt coin. If you had seen this coming and invested just $100 in Ethereum on January 1st, today you would have more than $5,000.

Where so many other would-be rivals to Bitcoin have failed completely to unseat the still-reigning cryptocurrency

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king Bitcoin, Ether has come the closest (dangerously close and getting closer every day) thanks to its “smart contract” functionality. The banking majors including JP Morgan Chase, Santander, ING, Credit Suisse, and numerous others have formed the already influential and powerful Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to support this rapidly growing functionality.

The currency boasts an international merchant acceptance base that allows consumers and businesses to pay for their electric bills, farmers to sell produce directly to end-users, and customers to bet on sports across boarders and continents. So far, the EEA has expanded to comprise other heavy hitters outside of the banking industry including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and BP (British Petroleum), among literally dozens of other internationally leading firms.


3. Ripple: 3,415% ripple crypto gains in 2017 - small logo

Ripple is a strange offering in the space as it does not have any physical or even metaphysical monetary representation. Rather it is more like an incredible massive currency interchange application. You can not spend Ripple on services and goods as with other alternative currencies, so no one in the retailing universe accepts Ripple directly. Yet for trading and exchanging across an extensive and broad spectrum of other alternative and physical currencies, it gets the job well done.


4. Litecoin: 1,725%

litecoin - biggest gainers of 2017 - #4Litecoin was the big up and comer until Ethereum stole its thunder. Because it boasts a well- respected reputation and years of functionality behind it, a wide range of businesses in electronics, gaming, advertising, website hosting, and even apparel choose to accept it for online-based payments. Every two minutes, Litecoin’s block chain ledger updates with a new block of the updated transactions. This makes its merchant transactions and transferring properties far speedier at processing than its alt coin rivals in the space.



5. NEM: 8,662%NEM introduces new standards into blockchain

Born back in January of 2014, NEM has brought in a dedicated following that spend both night and day mining this digital currency in a fanatical effort to expand its following and base. Yet despite this availability, the market value for NEM remains among the lowest. Yet nearly nine billion of these can eventually be mined. Even with the appallingly low price per unit, eventually this means its market cap will outperform most (if not all in the end) of its rivals in cryptocurrencies.


6. Dash: 3,024%

DASH small logo

Dash has smartly featured a few leading innovations with its high levels of user anonymity and operational functionality of the alternative currency space. Launched to be a form of electronic cash, the two developers Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan continue to refine and additionally develop it. With one of the biggest individual coin values on the alt coins market today, ironically very few retailers accept this form of electronic cash payment so far.



7. IOTA: 18%

IOTA blockchain technology logo

(Data since Jun. 13, 2017) – IOTA users and creators claim that this alt coin currency will be the backbone of the newly autonomous Machine Economy. One thing it certainly has going for it is that its Tangle ledger settles transactions without any fees, allowing for apps to trade precise quantities of resources as needed and to store their data from data loggers and sensors in a means that is both verified and highly secured on its ledger. The revolutionary innovation underpinning IOTA is the Tangle distributed ledger that is both scalable and blockless.


8. Monero: 806%

MONEROThe cryptocurrency most concerned with privacy is Monero. It rolled out an additional layer of privacy protection for its users accordingly. It also has 14 million units circulating as of mid 2017, and it even boasts a healthy price point per alt coin. For entities who are interested in starting up alt coin mining operations and who enjoy the privacy this one affords, Monero proves to be an excellent choice in this booming industry.



9. Stellar 842%stellar rocket logo - biggest gains of 2017

This cryptocurrency may or may not boast the ninth largest market cap in the field, but it is important enough to be included along with the last entry below. Introduced in only 2014, its popularity continues to grow since that first day. Stellar’s best known rival is Bytecoin, though its price is better than Bytecoin’s, even though there are many fewer Stellar Lumens available today by way of comparison.


10. NXT 540%

NXT crypto logo - top performing cryptocurrency in 2017

NXT is a second-generation cryptocurrency which is both scalable and whose features go well beyond the scope of traditional alt coins and alternative currencies. Thanks to its “Transparent Forging,” the transaction processing speeds for NXT astonishingly even approach the leaders in this processing field Master Card and Visa. Not only incredibly fast, this alt coin protocol offers a higher level of security than its rivals. The alt currency was programmed to be nearly impossible for any miner or user to fork and fragment, as has already happened with both Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent months.


There is still a lot to be done in the cryptocurrency space, but the foundations have been laid. The opportunity is still there for gains and you have multiple options of getting one the boat while it is still early. You can consider investing in a cryptocurrency IRA where you allocate a portion of your funds in cryptocurrency and have it stored. You can read our in depth guide on how to invest in a bitcoin IRA.

Cryptocurrency IRA

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Opening a cryptocurrency IRA (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) or 401k might be a great investment. Also bear in mind that you can rollover your existing IRA, Roth IRA, 403b or 401k into a cryptocurrency IRA, which might also prove advantageous.

In either of these scenarios, the most important thing to consider is that since cryptocurrency is a relative newcomer to the investment scene, you must always ensure that your cryptocurrency IRA company is trustworthy and that that trust is backed up by positive reviews and testimonials. In this novel field, there still are limited numbers of retirement operators, so take special care to ensure they can answer your questions and provide you with the best investment options available to you.

Remember, if you don’t ensure that your investment management company is as reliable as possible, you run the risk of jeopardizing your investments, underfunding your retirement and even being penalized by the authorities for irregularities in your investment process. Choose wisely, and take a look at the chart below for some ideas about what you should be looking out for.

Top Reasons To Open A Crypto IRA

  • Cryptocurrency has a lot of room for growth
  • At less than 10 years old, crypto has a lot of room to grow and, as we all know, investments prove their worth over time – and lots of it! Starting now means your crypto investment has lots of space to expand
  • Crypto allows you to protect your privacy
  • As a completely anonymous way to move and invest money, cryptocurrency allows you to maintain your personal and financial privacy, something very important in a world where personal anonymity is harder and harder to achieve
  • No governmental interference
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies are not issued by any central bank or organization, meaning they are not subject to any arbitrary regulating or auditing
  • Easy diversification for your pension
  • Anyone with an interest in investment knows that diversification is the way to protect your investment from an unknowable future. Bitcoin provides a good alternative to stocks, bonds, and gold
  • Freedom from random banking fees
  • Given the structure of cryptocurrencies, you do not have to pay or account for transaction or holding fees, as you would with a traditional bank

If you’ve been convinced that investing your Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency IRA or other pension product is a great idea for your situation and goals, we offer a few tips about how to choose the perfect investment manager for your financial move.

Factors To Consider Before Investing

Company Reviews

Like with any other investment, it makes sense to make sure that the company you choose to manage your crypto IRA is as qualified as possible. Read reviews and testimonials to ensure that past and present clients are happy with the service and results they get. Look to both official financial review sites as well as customer review portals like Google and Yelp.

Set-up speed

Crypto moves fast, so it’s important your would-be company can get you processed and set-up quickly before the world of cryptocurrency has changed and left your investment in a completely different situation.

Secure internal processes

The greatest point of possible weakness in the cryptocurrency industry is in the technical processes that underlie operations. Make sure your management agency has the entire process detailed and locked down so the risk of a security breach is as low as possible.

Armed with this information, you’re ready to find a management company and using your cryptocurrency profits to finance a blissful retirement. As with any other investment, you should bear in mind that there are associated risks that you should take steps to mitigate. Do your due diligence and enjoy your crypto fruits for many, many years to come.

Check out the video below for a simple explanation on how the blockchain technology works:

5 Millionaries From Investing In Bitcoin

It is completely natural for any person to constantly search for opportunities in life and there are many fields available even to the ordinary people for as long as you have a vision, then you can make it happen too. We have featured here the 5 millionaires that took their chances in Bitcoins and it paid off. Then, it was risky for investment, but they had the guts to invest.

Charlie ShremBitcoin Investor Charlie Shrem

The technology was all risky with the Brooklyn college student way back 2011 but that fact didn’t stop him from purchasing 500 coins for 3 dollars each. The price as we all knew rise to higher price and goes for 20 dollars each but instead of stopping, he continued and purchased more thousands of it. While going to school, Charlie established the Bit Instant that enabled people to buy bitcoins from 700 thousand merchants including Walmart. It was his vehicle to riches along with his purchased coins, and now he had an estimated amount worth 45 million dollars. He also had an unfortunate turn of event, and you can read more about it here.

Winklevoss Twins At TechCrunch


These are the twin who embraced bitcoins in the very first years of the now booming industry. In New York Times, it was reported that they had invested 11 million dollars , making them two of the wealthiest in the network and over the span of time they have reached the accumulation of 400 million dollars wealth.


Yifu Guo

He was a student at the NY University, when he started mining Bitcoin currency to get some cash. That made him profit to pay the necessary bills like rentals. That eventually made him realize that the future of Bitcoin can still go far. He dropped out from the university and founded the Avalon, it was the ASIC miners and the chips with super speed in graphics cards that cost less. Because of that, the blockchain networks buzzed, and it raised its demand that one paid 1,500 dollars for ASIC miners and sold it in eBay listing for 20 thousand dollars. You can read a good interview with Yifu Guo at VICE.

Jered Kenna



He had his success and failures, but that never stopped him from becoming a prominent enterprising person in the Bitcoin history. He was an ex-marine when he made his purchase batch of bitcoins for only 2 dollar cents that time and traded them for 250 dollars each, and now his worth was 30 million dollars with the help of the Bitcoin.

Topy Gallippi

He was a CEO of Bitpay and along with the real estate and bonds he included Bitcoin in acquiring investment. Bitpay processes the payment to other users and it just put in many bitcoin profits with this business.

Those five are just a few to mention that had become millionaires in Bitcoins. The list may not be monitored because of the impossibility to trace the wallet owners, and thus it makes more discreet holdings of the bitcoin currencies. The fluctuation in the stock market is also present in the cryptocurrencies. If you know how to evaluate and play the game, this is a lucrative opportunity for you that could end up with the high-scale rewards. Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrency? If you are, make sure to read our top cryptocurrency picks for 2018 or maybe check out the ICO Calendar for the updated initial coin offering schedule.

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Best Cryptocurrency List To Invest In 2020

featured image - top cryptocurrencies for 2018

NOTE: This site only offers independent opinions and should not be taken as financial advice.

The financial world is changing, that’s something that many people have come to realize as solutions like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin take over traditional cash and stocks. Now that we’re finally in 2018, it’s safe to say that the crypto markets are stronger than ever, with more opportunities for investment on the way. Stellar Lumens, IOTA, and EOS are all big winners in the current marketplace, and there are plenty of additional options to consider too. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at our top 10 cryptocurrency list to invest in 2018 and the currencies that you should invest in if you’re just getting started.

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Here we’ll consider not only why you should invest in some over others, but also offer a complete price prediction for each currency, so that you can see exactly what we’re looking forward to with some of the most incredible altcoins.

Before we get started, however, I thought it might be a good idea to give you an insight into my cryptocurrency money strategy, and how I’m going to be managing my finances this year, and in the years ahead.

How to Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Up until now, I’ve been seeing a great deal of success with my cryptocurrency investments, thanks to using the 60/40 investment strategy. Here’s how the process works.

Some of the altcoins that I invest in today are designed to generate more legacy wealth for me and my portfolio. This is where I use 40% of the funds that I save back specifically for investment into cryptocurrency. On the other hand, some of the alternative coins that I’m buying today are designed to improve my cash flow right now. About 60% of my budget goes into these short-term money-making methods.

By using this solution for cash management, I ensure that I’m constantly generating more cash to invest in both my legacy wealth fund and my cash flow portfolio at the same time. If you’re not sure what I mean, the following example might be able to help.

Say you have $10,000 at the start of the year that you’d like to invest in cryptocurrencies. The first thing you would do is look for long-term altcoins that are likely to generate more wealth over the years, rather than in the next few months. You’ll put $4,000 directly into this legacy wealth portfolio while investing the remaining $6,000 into your cash flow cryptocurrencies.

Imagine that you’re lucky enough to double your investment of $6,000 into $12,000 after a few weeks or months. You’d then take around 60% of the profit ($6,000) out of your cash flow crypto wallet and re-invest it back into your legacy portfolio.

The Best Long Term Cryptocurrencies for 2018 and Price Predictions

Since long term investments are where your cryptocurrency portfolio should start, I thought the best way to get started with my predictions for 2018, is to look at the coins that are available in the market today and give you my insight into their value. Remember, your long term coins are the wealth that you’re going to use in your retirement and pass down throughout your generations. If you are looking for a safe and insured way to invest in crypto, make sure you check out Regal Assets Dubai – the safest and easiest way long term investments. If you are from USA and are looking for a cryptocurrency IRA, read our Bitcoin IRA review here.

Regal Assets offer “cold storage” in one of the safest vaults in the world and insurance by Lloyd’s of London!

Although many people think of cryptocurrency purely as a short-term investment, it’s important to remember that it also has value to offer in the long-term too. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the altcoins that I want to hold onto for as long as possible. These currencies will remain safely stored in a hard wallet that I’ll keep locked in a safe so that they can continue to grow.

Just remember that you’re going to be looking for ways to build your wealth while you maintain it. This is where your short-term investments will come in at a later stage.

  1. Ethereum – ETH best performing crypto - ethereum

Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, second only to Bitcoin. It’s a revolutionary coin that uses Smart contracts and Blockchain, and it’s known throughout the world for the impact it’s had on the way that decentralized applications are being built using blockchain technology. You can see that the number of daily transactions is growing exponentially.

Ethereum comes from the mind of Vitalik Buterin, and it uses something called Proof of Work as it’s standard protocol. Apparently, the team will be switching out to Proof of Stake this year, which means that Ethereum will end up with even more room to scale. Currently, Ethereum is one of only three cryptocurrencies in the world that can be purchased via Fiat just like the dollar for the US.

Currently, Bitcoin only has a single use case, which is a store of value. On the other hand, Ethereum has about 200 different use cases. Just about everything that you’ll invest in when you’re buying up alt currencies will be build using the Ethereum framework. In fact, there’s everything from Plasma, to Rayden. This means that Ethereum can potentially scale to millions of transactions a second.

Ethereum Price Prediction

I’d predict that the price for Ethereum will end up at around $3,800 by the end of the year, but as with anything – it’s anyone’s guess.

  1. Bitcoin – BTCbest crypto to invest long term - small logo bitcoin

The ultimate cryptocurrency for many people, Bitcoin is a huge investment in today’s marketplace. Now, it’s worth around $19,000 a coin, which means that you’re more likely to invest in a fragment of a coin than an entire coin. Eventually, the price of Bitcoins is expected to continue growing, which means that if you haven’t invested already, now could be your last opportunity.

If you’re hoping to really invest in Altcoins and ICOs, then you’re going to need some form of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency saw a growth of twenty times in 2017 alone, and the cap has increased to around $325 billion, which means that it’s capable of generating more wealth than any other cryptocurrency on the market. As alternative currency becomes increasingly popular in today’s environment, it’s likely that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise.

Bitcoin has been tested on a huge scale, and it works to send any money across the web, regardless of how much you might be investing in. If you haven’t even considered investing cryptocurrencies yet, then there’s still a good chance that you’ve heard about Bitcoin. After all, even Wall Street has started to get in on the action.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2018

Just like LiteCoin, bitcoin is a long term coin that you’ll need to invest in and hold onto for the foreseeable future. I’d predict that we could see a price per Bitcoin that reaches as high as $150,000 by the end of this year, so I really do recommend getting involved now if you haven’t already. If you don’t then you could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

  1. LiteCoin – LTC litecoin as a long term investment

When it comes to choosing the long-term investments, there are few options more popular than LiteCoin. It’s been around for several years now – since 2011, so it’s one of the more traditional coins on the market. Known among many as the little brother of bitcoin, it’s the perfect way to start your legacy portfolio.

If you’re wondering why I’m recommending LiteCoin instead of one of the other altcoins on the market right now, the first thing you need to know is that this currency has huge amounts of potential. It’s already shown some significant growth for investors in 2017, who had gains of more than 4,000% by the end of the year. This means that $100 of investment could be worth more than $4,000 today.

Additionally, the founder of LiteCoin has also announced his plans to make sure that investors are more likely to be aware of LiteCoin. One of the greatest things about LiteCoin is that there are very small transaction speeds, and you can trade very quickly. In fact, LiteCoin is about four times faster than Bitcoin. What’s more, LiteCoin has a limited supply of about 84 million, which means that it’s a fantastic legacy investment, as there is only a finite supply available.

Another thing worth noting about LiteCoin is that it was designed as a testing net for Bitcoin. If you’ve never heard of the term testing net before, it’s generally a solution that’s used by developers to test out the changes that might take place in the market for Bitcoin owners. People test on LiteCoin before they introduce new options to the Bitcoin network. This means that LiteCoin is going to be around for a while.

LiteCoin Price Prediction for 2018

With all this knowledge about LiteCoin in mind, I predict that the LiteCoin price will end up at around $1,500 by the end of this year. Since the current price is around $300, this would translate to an increase of about 600%. Remember that this coin should be in your legacy portfolio for wealth. For instance, you might consider putting around $1,000 of your $10,000 budget into LiteCoin, and you can add to that consistently from the profits you get through short-term trading.

  1. Monero – XMRMONERO

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency world for a while now, then you probably have at least some prior knowledge of Monero. If not, here is a recap of what Monero is. This currency has been around for a very long time, and it’s currently sitting at a value somewhere around $350 per coin. This is something that I expect to at least double by the end of 2018.

Although Monero might not be one of the biggest plays you’ll make in the cryptocurrency world this year, that doesn’t mean that it has a significant amount of potential. The reason that Monero is so great, is that it’s an incredibly private form of altcoin. It uses something known as a ring signature to keep your transactions private and secure.

Ring signatures are a type of signature that can be performed by a member of a group with a collection of keys. This means that a message that has been signed with a ring signature needs to be approved by a specific group of people. According to some experts, Monero has easily one of the strongest Development teams in the marketplace, complete with an incredible community following.

Monero Price Prediction for 2018

To help improve their security, Monero is even offering people the chance to win a million dollars if you can hack into the system. On top of that, there’s a very limited supply of Monero in the market, which boosts it’s selling potential. I believe it will sell at a value of about $1,000 per coin at the end of the year.

  1. ADA (Cardano)cardano

If you’ve never heard of Cardano before, then you should take a trip to their website. On their site, Cardano explains that it’s a decentralized form of the public blockchain that’s entirely open-source. This simple cryptocurrency solution is currently in the process of creating a top of the line platform for smart contracts which should deliver more incredible features than any other protocol on the market today.

Cardano is also the first blockchain platform in history to evolve out of a research-driven approach to currency trading. The team for development consists of a huge world-wide collective of researchers and engineers.

Interestingly, Cardona is a direct competitor against Ethereum. As the blockchain grows more popular, and more applications emerge for this technology, companies like Cardano should be able to get a greater portion of the market share.

Cardano Price Prediction for 2018

Although the price for Cardano right now is very small, at around $0.36, I’d predict that it will end the year at a value of around $6 or $7 at least.

  1. EOSEOS logo small

As alternative cryptocurrencies go, EOS is one of the most popular and well-known on the market today. Headed by someone called Dan Larimer, EOS is one of the biggest winners for investors in 2017, and I believe that it will continue to generate great investment opportunities for people in 2018 too.

Dan is responsible for inventing something called the Delegated Proof of Stake measurement, which is generally regarded as an upgrade to proof of state. Essentially, this solution requires delegates to be assigned which help to control system performance. People get voted on and those individuals can make decisions regarding the network and protocol.

EOS have seen a huge amount of interest in recent years, as they claim to be the ultimate competitor against Ethereum. Right now, EOS are hoping to raise around $1 billion, which would generate a huge advantage in cash over some of the other cryptocurrencies on the marketplace today. Although this might not be a place to invest your legacy wealth, it’s a good idea for a short-term investment.

EOS Price Prediction

I predict that EOS will be worth around $40 to $60 by the end of this year.

  1. Kyber Network (KNC)logo of KNC coin

There are plenty of reasons why someone might invest in cryptocurrencies like LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. One of the most common reasons is that you’re tired of the general authorities that manage typical currencies, and you value your privacy. If you’re interested in keeping your money private, then it’s worth looking into the potential of Kyber.

Kyber works by adding an additional layer of privacy to the cryptocurrency trade, removing the need for cryptocurrency exchanges. As a decentralized network, Kyber is otherwise known as a DEX, something that many people regard to be the future for alternative currencies. These solutions will allow you to meet with other people who want to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies on a peer to peer basis.

Kyber Network Price Prediction for 2018

Eventually, some experts predict that exchanges will go extinct, and a peer to peer system will become the only way to manage your currency. I predict that Kyber will be worth around $20-$25 by the end of this year.

  1. Genesis Vision – GVTlogo of the GVT coin

Genesis Vision is a very interesting coin designed by Charlie Shrem. As a crypto advisor, Charlie has tweeted regularly about this investment option, and plenty of experts in the financial field are beginning to take notice.

There’s a lot to love about Genesis Vision. For instance, the first thing you should note is that the token supply is only at about 3.7 million. This could mean that you end up improving your investment by five times in a single day if someone ends up putting more money into the platform. Additionally, Genesis Vision is a token marketplace and asset fund, so they can plugin into existing brokerage accounts.

Genesis Vision Price Prediction

I’d imagine that Genesis Vision will reach a value of about $100 by the end of the year.

  1. NEONEO logo small

The founder and CEO of NEO is Da Hongei, who is seen as second to Vitalik Buterin when it comes to blockchain innovation. Neo runs off something called Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which is similar to the standard Delegated proof of stake that we mentioned earlier.

NEO Price Prediction for 2018

Just like many of the other altcoins mentioned in this article, Neo is an Ethereum competitor and it has a great leg up on the competition thanks to its improvement in proof of stake. My price prediction for NEO is currently at $400.

  1. NAGA CoinNAGA Logo

Currently, the NAGA altcoin is going through something called an ICO stage – you can find more on our ICO calendar. This means that you can access tokens from the official website. NAGA is a fin-tech company from Germany that’s already listed on the German stock exchange. Currently, Naga is recognized as the fastest growing IPO in the last fifteen years, with a trading rate at around 400% above price.

There’s a lot to love about NAGA coin, from its strong pre-existing management team, to its millions in yearly revenue thanks to several hundreds of thousands of transactions taking place on a monthly basis. There’s a strong group of advisors behind NAGA too, including the CEO of Bitcoin.Com, Roger Ver Founder.

Currently, NAGE is looking for a new way to start disrupting the gaming industry and changing the world of financial trading too with blockchain technology. Since they’re tapping into two large markets, there’s a lot of potential available.

As a solution in the ICO phase, NAGA is currently selling their tokens for about $1, and they’ve already attracted about $15 million in investments. Since the company has already activated within the current financial markets, they have a huge ecosystem around them. What’s more, NAGA coin is listed on some significant exchanges right now, which would create some incredible opportunities for trading.

NAGA Price Prediction for 2018

If you ask me, it’s a good idea to get involved with NAGA coin while it’s still in the ICO stage. Even if there’s a very small drop in the ICO, we believe that it could earn as much as 1,000% during 2018 alone. We’d recommend buying it now and holding onto your NAGA until the value reaches around $10.00.

  1. Omise Go – OMGOMG Coin Logo small

Omise, Go is largely unheard of for many people in the marketplace. It carries on the vision of what Blockchain and Bitcoin could do in the early days, and it suggests that it’s giving people the power to put their own personal bank accounts back into their pocket, no matter where you might be located in the world.

Omise Go Price Prediction for 2018

Omise go is packed by the founder of Ethereum, and like NAGA coin, it already has a parent company in place. This means it already has access to funds. I’d predict that the value of this coin will skyrocket in the year ahead, to a price of at least $175.00.

  1. Stellar Lumens – XLM

    stellar rocket logo

Last, but not least, Stellar Lumens is one of my most recommended investments on the market right now. It already has some amazing partnerships with companies like Click X and IBM. As a non-profit cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens are in the business of managing micro-payments and cross-border payments.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction for 2018

I’d recommend investing in this product while it’s still trading at a value of around $0.28. Its biggest competitor right now is Ripple, and I think that it could achieve an upgrade of around 1,000% this year. By the end of 2018, I’d say that you should be able to expect to sell your stocks in Stellar Lumens for about $3.00 each.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet


Uulala ICO Review – Financial Inclusion for The Underbanked in Latin America

The private UULALA Tokensale

Right now the UULALA ICO is still in the early stages. It will soon be sold out as they are already filled up more than 90 percent. 

Click here to go to the official website

Uulala is a financial solutions platform that provides the world’s underbanked populations access to the financial inclusion tools they need to change their future. Their platform focuses on emerging market growth sectors domestically and internationally including minority and millennial underbanked populations. Through the implementation of their services suite, Uulala users will build or enhance their credit profile. The database tracking capabilities across their service line suite will determine both which users currently qualify for and what level of creditworthiness, they currently qualify for as well as a path to obtaining higher credit thresholds. Their proprietary micro-credit algorithms and processes can extrapolate users’ purchase history and behavioral habits to forecast their true financial abilities on a moment by moment basis. Most financial activities do not count toward a standard credit score. The FICO system does not work around the world, and a change is needed for global consumers to have access to products and services they desire. The Uulala platform is a unique system that tracks all financial activities and combines that with patented decentralized database technology to show what level of creditworthiness a user possesses.

Check Out This Presentation by Oscar Garcia Explaining The UULALA Project

The Team

  • Oscar Garcia – CEO
  • Frank DiCrisi COO
  • Matthew Loughran CMO
  • Alan Alvarado
  • Damiano Riagoza
  • Andre Urena
  • Simran Singh
  • Deborah Castillero

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The UULALA Tokensaleuulala ICO

UULALA will create a total of 750,000,000 tokens. They will not create any new tokens in addition to such initial token amount. Each UULA token will be sold based on the schedule outlined in the ICO Timeline. There is a minimum purchase amount of 5 tokens per purchase. They already have functional banking platform, which offers remittance (domestic and international currency transfers), the ability to pay bills, digital credit building, and microloans.

On Nov 15 2017, they offered one-third (1/3) of all tokens (i.e., 250,000,000 UULA tokens) for purchase through a private presale in the UULALA investors cabinet built on multi-chain blockchain with the token symbol UULA. On (to be determined), UULALA will offer an additional one-third (1/3) of all UULA tokens (i.e., 250,000,000 UULA tokens) for purchase by the public.

Twenty percent (20%) of all tokens (i.e., 150,000,000 UULA tokens) will be retained (the “UULA Token Reserve”) for business development, market expansion, and UULALA Service Fees.

The remaining 100,000,000 tokens will be distributed to users of the UULALA platform pursuant to an incentive plan for users to invite friends and family to use the platform, maintain average monthly balances of at least $200 in user accounts, and pay back microloans.

They will accept a maximum (fixed limit) of $50,000,000 for purchase of all UULA tokens offered for sale to the public. The tokens created for such maximum amount contributed will in turn represent two-thirds (2/3) of all tokens.

In the case of an amount of contribution falling below such maximum amount, the difference between such lower amount and the maximum amount being reserved for future token sales.

Built on MultiChain


Pretty simple, cost of business and scalability. The amount of transactions they will process on the platform with their target customer base would cost them tens of millions a month in gas prices to transact on the Ethereum network. Each transaction within the Ethereum protocol requires payment which doesn’t fit the Uulala business model based on the size and volume of transactions. Also, they don’t want to have their blockchain module stuck each time the Ethereum blockchain is under heavy pressure during high volume usage during ICOs, or the latest kitten app is released on the network. MultiChain provides them the flexibility to conduct millions of transactions per month for our users without lag time and the transparency of the blockchain protocol for all transactions.

The original use case for MultiChain was for the financial services industry and existing organizations using and developing with MultiChain include technology titans like: Accenture, ANX International, Boston Consulting Group, Cognizant, CrimsonLogic, Indra, PWC, Apollo Group and many more.

The UULALA Token – Liquidity

The UULA token is designed to provide outstanding benefits for token sale participants and early rounds investors.

Utility value – Tokens will be used by their users to redeem incentive rewards provided by activity within the their financial services ecosystem. The usage of the token can be redeemed for offers through their partners.

Limited supply – With a set supply at the time of initial token offering and the increased issuance of tokens to reward users on the Uulala ecosystem the increasing transactions within the ecosystem will drive demand for token issuance from Uulala to its users. Uulala will buy UULA with profits gained throughout the last financial year. Uulala will, in turn ensure token availability for user issuance.

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Washington Trip By The UULALA Team on The Subject of DACA

How Bitcoin Works And Its Uses

The internet breakthrough has made possible with the new digital currency today – Bitcoin. Despite many controversies and debate with these modified cryptocurrencies, with the use of the cryptography, one can transfer value to another individual without any banking transactions involved. It is ran on the network called “Blockchain” and was first founded by Satoshi Nakamoto.

You might be interested to know how real paper money works in normal marketplaces.

Enormous time windows are needed for transfers as well as the validation process. Bitcoin offers a different way, a new and discreet process of transferring money to others without the notion of identity.

Meaning, for as long as you have the wallet address then you can make the transfer or receive it from others. These wallet addresses compose of 27 to 34 character strings mixed with upper and lowercase letters and digits from 0 to 9. The transaction is broadcasted on the network, and the miners work with blocks. The computer will solve the cryptographic puzzle. So, let us sneak into the operation to further explain the implications and works of the new digital currency.

Here is a breakdown on how a transaction on the network works:

The Thing They Called “Block Chain”

Since the transaction is all digital in form, calculation and balances are send and shared into the public ledger called the “blockchain.” The nodes are the one that will detect the bitcoin spending so it won’t be used in spending again and confirms the legitimacy of transactions to the rest of the network enables the sender to see the balances on their wallet.

The Private Key Being Used In The Transaction

It is the seed that is used in the verification of the transaction as the proof that it is being used. It serves as protection that is difficult to alter once it had been confirmed and issued since it will be broadcasted in as fast as 10 minutes.

The Mining And Hash Power

Mining simply is the concept of transmitting the data and agreement among the different computers in the system that it is being done given the rules of the cryptography which means that no human alteration and interference of the data or blocks in the chain. However, this process of mining is done artificial, consuming time by the used of the software since the miners are strangers to each other. The algorithm works in a way it gathers “hash,” which is a string of characters which itself is discreet in the type of information but enables to validate the transaction nevertheless.

The Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Mining

One can buy hash and mining powers in the data centers which allow them to earn bitcoins without the management of software or hardware. Since they are bought, you will not have a problem with the issues or troubles in mining such as electricity, hosting or installations. But the thing is if the mining contracts will get drops it prices operations will not be able to sustain the expenses brought in the process of mining and can result in the seizure of operations and there can be shady operations in mining that is involved in here.

Few Examples of How Can You Uses the Bitcoins In Daily LifeBlockchain image

Before one can start spending them, you need the a wallet that has some funds in it. Miners gather bitcoins through trading and over the time they had able to accumulate currency in their wallet. The wallets enable the individual to have the direct control of the fund without the need for the bank or third party payment processors like Paypal. Once the transactions have been validated, it is impossible to recover or reverse the process, and since it is accepted by the merchant as a form of payment, you can directly exchange it with money in bank accounts. Recently, a Bitcoin IRA has become available, but you have to do proper research on which company you can trust. You can also read our Bitcoin IRA rollover article here.

Because Bitcoin has been rampant in many transactions, we can use it for the following activities:

Send Donations

Just imagine how you can donate to charitable institutions without having to leave the comfort of your home. The bitcoin transfer is allowing collecting of funds for charities worldwide and with it; you know that your help was pass to the hands intended—-no mediator or political control. That was just absolutely awesome and nice when it goes directly to the recipient allowing no geographic limit of sending no matter how far the institution from you for as long as you are using the bitcoin funds, institutions that accept it will receive it without paperwork or documents needed.

Shop For Artwork

The Bitcoin is also accepted as payment for valuable items like pieces of artworks. There were a lot of beautiful masterpieces that are being sold in Europe. The is the marketplace for those who like to buy or sell luxuries items like artwork.


In the announcement made by press releases and other news items, travel agencies are already accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment when you book for your hotel accommodation, cruise, and flights. Not just it brings comfort to travelers it provides an easy and accessible fund for you wherever you are around the globe. There were no restrictions, no call from banks why you are making transactions in other place and all those sorts of issues and troubles that could delay the process.

Pay School

Gone are the days when tuition fees are made in the counter transaction. In the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, they are accepting fees via Bitpay. Whether you want to get a degree in law, arts, nursing or even get master’s degree all is now possible when you pay with bitcoins, and hopefully, with the bitcoin coming to its full fruition, more schools and universities will be accepting them as payment.

Purchase Properties

Was investment your priority for 2018? Indonesia, Vegas, and Nicaragua offers have multitudes of properties such as lands and homes.

That was just a few list of transactions you can do with them, but considering how far they had gone nowadays, there are hefty wonderful opportunities and possibilities you can do with your Bitcoin funds.

Beginners Guide To Bitcoin

blockchain for beginners

The world’s investment process has indeed evolved into another technology wherein things are more profitable. If you are the type of person that is hyped with anything that goes with investment perhaps you may have heard about blockchain and Bitcoin. The background history of this technology which was a clever intervention by Satoshi Nakamoto and has also led many people to question the entire goal of the system. Its digital information was distributed. However, it is not copied. Technically, this innovative idea of earning money has created a new type of technology. This is a form of digital currency wherein the Bitcoin tech community is finding its potential uses to make an impact in the use of technology.

Most people address Bitcoin as the “digital gold” of the century for a good reason. Its currency is close enough to reach $9 billion of US dollars, and the good thing about Bitcoin is that it make for of digital value. There may be instances wherein knowing how it works is not that important. However, having to know its basic knowledge would give you a deeper understanding as to how blockchain works and how it is considered to be a revolutionary thing in earning a good return on investment.

What is blockchain?

The use of blockchain is a digital ledger that is incorruptible that is recorded and programmed not only its financial transactions but also its virtual digital value. It the past few years, a lot of development has been made on the technology and blockchain has gained popularity. Just recently bitcoin IRA has become an option for those seeking diversification. If you are interested, you might want to read our article on Bitcoin retirement investment here.

It is a distributed database – information that is held mainly on the blockchain exists as a shared data. This means that the use of the network has its benefits for you to consider. Keep in mind that these databases are not stored in just one single storage or any location. Therefore it can be viewed public and easy to verify.

Strength and Durability

The blockchain technology is built on strength and durability. Its advantage is to block any information that found an identical network. Therefore, there are two things that you need to know about blockchain and these are not controlled by any entity or no point of failures. Since the invention of Bitcoin from 2008 has not merely operated by any means of disruption. Mind you, if there are unsuspected an activity that means the system has been hacked or it is mismanaged.

It is incorruptible and transparent.

The use of blockchain isn’t the same with other platforms as this automates by itself for every ten minutes. This comprises of two important properties, and these can’t be corrupted, and it is a transparent type of data.

Therefore, the use of the blockchain system or method has indeed changed many lives. It gives you a sense of security as this is protected. It provides a peace of mind because it makes sure that your investment is growing and at the same time and opportunity for you to improve the functionality of your business. It is best that you seek financial advisers to ensure that investment is a good experience.

Bitcoin and How it Works

Bitcoin is said to be a virtual currency and became a digital interest among people who want to learn more about it, and at the same time, the confusion remained by the time it was released five years ago. However, the more its visibility and presence spread, the more are interested. Especially a lot of investors entered the market and there has been a lot of controversy over the fact that the whole cryptocurrency space might me a bubble. Whether or not you are invested, it might be worth read this article on our best cryptos to invest in 2018.

On the contrary, there are still who are questioning about the value and why is Bitcoin called the future currency? Is it something that you will be gaining in the future? What is Bitcoin for? How are you able to earn it?

What is Bitcoin?

The history of Bitcoin isn’t stated, but there is news about its founder who seemingly made cryptocurrency as the future money in the next years to come. This is a virtual banking currency that is only possible via internet. This is a type of cryptocurrency wherein computer codes are held to have monetary value. Most of these codes are made according to the electricity and computers that are high in performance. So, if you are expecting something actual or physical to hold the reality is that there is nothing for you to hold.


Cryptocurrency is derived from the word Cryptography which means every process or transactions are protected every time there are purchases made. The invention of new coins is also controlled to make sure that there is no duplication. However, the government doesn’t have any control over creating cryptocurrencies which is why it makes it very popular. The use of Bitcoin is seen to be very valuable as the future approaches.

The controversy over Bitcoin

There are various reasons that Bitcoin currency became a real sensation among others. During the time of 2011 to 2013, there were a group of people that had bought Bitcoins in a manner that it is equivalent to millions. This turns out that they have made it possible to make money out of it. According to research, Bitcoin can’t be moved because this makes a controversial issue among money makers. Also, with more and more people getting into the market and the ICO landscape seeing  tremendous growth, a lot of bad projects entered as well. It has become increasingly hard to find good projects, due to the fact that so many of them are fake. To find out if a initial coin offering is legit, check out this schedule and our reviews of the best ones.

How does Bitcoin it work?

Bitcoin is designed completely compared to actual money. Its value is also self-contained which means that you don’t need the help of any bank just to assure that it can be stored in one location. Imagine if you have internet money and purchasing any goods or services are paid through the use of Bitcoin.

How is it tracked? This is when the use of blockchain is used. Blockchains is your wallet, and this helps protect your Bitcoin in such a way that it make sure that you are not duplicating any double transaction and for people to copy any means of Bitcoins.

Therefore, bitcoin is an innovative idea to change the ways of life. This can be a future wherein money in the form of Bitcoin is safe and protected.

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Top 4 Reasons To Consider a Cryptocurrency Retirement Account

considering cryptocurrency pension plans

For people who want some more diversification to their investment portfolio, you should definitely give cryptocurrency retirement fund a serious thought. There are several key reasons why this technology and alternative currency deserve your attention and serious consideration. Four of them follow here:

#1 – Cryptocurrencies are Already Transforming the World In Which We Live

Paying for online transactions is not new. Thanks to both Credit Cards and PayPal you have been able to do this since the technology became perfected in the 1990s as the Internet became widely and popularly accessible to the general public. PayPal has been doing this well since after the year 2000. Yet the BTC is somewhat unique in that not only can you securely pay for transactions in any currency and in any nation around the globe, but you can also store it up like a currency or a safe haven like gold or silver. The powerful one-two knockout combination simply cannot be stopped by jealous Western governments and their stooges the Central Banks.

#2 – Bitcoin Has Always Been Extremely International And Cannot Be Stopped or Even Effectively Stifled By The National Regulators

So far, the Federal Reserve in the United States is sticking by her own admission that, “The Federal Reserve simply does not have the authority to supervise or regulate Bitcoin in any way.” While this might always change, especially if Congress passed legislation paving the way for it, it is unlikely under a Trump administration at least. The most obvious reason is that no governing American authority, neither Congress, nor the Treasury, nor the Federal Reserve issue or back Bitcoin. Since it is not at all an American dollar currency or instrument, it is outside of their technical jurisdiction. This is also the case for the central banks and financial monetary authorities of places like the Bank of England, European Union and European Central Bank, and Swiss National Bank.

#3 – Bitcoin Can Not Be Successfully Opposed by Governments of the World

It is not only that Bitcoin is outside of the jurisdiction of the world central bank and regulating authorities which we are talking about here. There are nations whose governments have attempted to stop Bitcoin, with little to no success. China does not like the cryptocurrencies and the global future of money which they represent collectively, yet this has not been enough for the Middle Kingdom to halt its spread and success even within China (much less outside of China).
As a greater number of both individuals and businesses continue to trade in and accept it for payment of transactions despite the fact that it is not backed by anyone’s full faith and credit, it has become increasingly the people’s currency. Billions of people collectively united around the world in the pursuit of something like digital currency simply cannot be stopped.

#4 – Bitcoin Has Become The Online Currency of Choice Whose Powers Simply Cannot Be Duplicated

The fact that Bitcoin enjoys the first mover advantage in this digital currency revolution makes it the unquestionable and nearly impossible to challenge gold standard of all online currencies and electronic payment methods. This unique position without a rival was best put into words by the Google CEO Eric Schmidt when he stated:

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in this digital world has enormous value.”

For Google to make this kind of statement is huge. You should pay careful attention to what they have to say, as the unrivalled search engine.

Right now, there is only one company that provides the level of security we are happy with. That is Regal Assets. They already offer Bitcoin IRA for US investors.

With Regal, you can invest in a cryptocurrency retirement fund (SIPP,IRA, pension fund etc.) and your investment is *FULLY INSURED by Lloyd’s of London.

Your funds are stored physically on a crypto wallet, stored in a vault and backed by Lloyd’s of London insurance. How cool is that, right?

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