considering cryptocurrency pension plans

Top 4 Reasons To Consider a Cryptocurrency Retirement Account

For people who want some more diversification to their investment portfolio, you should definitely give cryptocurrency retirement fund a serious thought. There are several key reasons why this technology and alternative currency deserve your attention and serious consideration. Four of them follow here:

#1 – Cryptocurrencies are Already Transforming the World In Which We Live

Paying for online transactions is not new. Thanks to both Credit Cards and PayPal you have been able to do this since the technology became perfected in the 1990s as the Internet became widely and popularly accessible to the general public. PayPal has been doing this well since after the year 2000. Yet the BTC is somewhat unique in that not only can you securely pay for transactions in any currency and in any nation around the globe, but you can also store it up like a currency or a safe haven like gold or silver. The powerful one-two knockout combination simply cannot be stopped by jealous Western governments and their stooges the Central Banks.

#2 – Bitcoin Has Always Been Extremely International And Cannot Be Stopped or Even Effectively Stifled By The National Regulators

So far, the Federal Reserve in the United States is sticking by her own admission that, “The Federal Reserve simply does not have the authority to supervise or regulate Bitcoin in any way.” While this might always change, especially if Congress passed legislation paving the way for it, it is unlikely under a Trump administration at least. The most obvious reason is that no governing American authority, neither Congress, nor the Treasury, nor the Federal Reserve issue or back Bitcoin. Since it is not at all an American dollar currency or instrument, it is outside of their technical jurisdiction. This is also the case for the central banks and financial monetary authorities of places like the Bank of England, European Union and European Central Bank, and Swiss National Bank.

#3 – Bitcoin Can Not Be Successfully Opposed by Governments of the World

It is not only that Bitcoin is outside of the jurisdiction of the world central bank and regulating authorities which we are talking about here. There are nations whose governments have attempted to stop Bitcoin, with little to no success. China does not like the cryptocurrencies and the global future of money which they represent collectively, yet this has not been enough for the Middle Kingdom to halt its spread and success even within China (much less outside of China).
As a greater number of both individuals and businesses continue to trade in and accept it for payment of transactions despite the fact that it is not backed by anyone’s full faith and credit, it has become increasingly the people’s currency. Billions of people collectively united around the world in the pursuit of something like digital currency simply cannot be stopped.

#4 – Bitcoin Has Become The Online Currency of Choice Whose Powers Simply Cannot Be Duplicated

The fact that Bitcoin enjoys the first mover advantage in this digital currency revolution makes it the unquestionable and nearly impossible to challenge gold standard of all online currencies and electronic payment methods. This unique position without a rival was best put into words by the Google CEO Eric Schmidt when he stated:

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in this digital world has enormous value.”

For Google to make this kind of statement is huge. You should pay careful attention to what they have to say, as the unrivalled search engine.

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