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How the world’s most elite traders use this secret patent pending system to ​nail ​529%, 615% and 733% gains… ​no matter where the market goes! (It’s genius)

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In situations of economic uncertainty like we are facing right now, the best defense for your hard earned dollars is to be as well-informed and educated as you possibly can. Following the news that impact the markets, researching companies and following the markets should be a full-time job (unless you want to risk your money… you are probably better of at a roulette table).

​On the other hand, there are investors who always seem to come out on top, no matter ​where the market goes…

See… Times of economic uncertainty or even major downturns can lead to great opportunities for those who position themselves and take full advantage.

​​Over the past couple of days, we have been getting a TON of emails about the patent pending system that produces ​​staggering gains like 529%​, 615%… and 730% in Less Than ​(3) Days​.

​This is un-heard of… We mean trades like this:​

​​Being sceptical and analytical… we had many doubts, but decided to dig deeper.

Turns out Rob Booker partnered with some of the biggest players in the trading community (that puts their name in jeopardy as well):

  • Josh Belanger – runs countervest.com (featured in: Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, BusinessWeek, Dow Jones NewsWires, Bloomberg, New York Post)​
  • Steven Place – runs investingwithoptions.com, author of 3 books (​featured in: Jim Cramer FOX Business, Mad Money, MoneyShow
  • Hima Reddy – runs himareddy.com (​featured in: Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX Business, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, Tradestation…)
  • Mark Sebastian – runs a couple of hedge funds and Option Pit Founder (​featured in: Reuters, Mad Money, MoneyShow, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal…)
  • Scott Welsh – runs scottwelshstrategies.com

They developed a simple, yet “overlooked” system nobody is talking about or trading. Except big banks and hedge funds (the big players)…

emerging markets trading

​Click Here To Watch The System In Action

The whole idea behind it is: “look where nobody else is looking”… That’s right… The exotics club focuses on emerging markets and other overlooked trading instruments.

​So what’s is the exotics club system all about?… and what is the secret behind triple digits gains every single day?

​Doing our due ​diligence​ and checking everything we could get our hands on, we took the leap of faith and decided to invest:

members area - Rob Booker


​Due to high demand, there are only a few Founding LIFETIME Memberships Available at the time of this writing (maybe none at the time you are reading this)

If you want to take advantage of this offer and join the inner circle of the world’s most elite traders, make sure to click here and hope the doors are still open (we cannot guarantee it!)

Click here to check availability

​The ​idea behind it is pretty simple…​​​ ​Buy the asset when it enters the “profit circle” and cash out with the profit a few days later.

But how do you know when an assets enters the profit circle?

That is where the patent pending system comes into play. The system picks out the entry zone and you get an in-depth analysis email with the trade l​aid out for you to take advantage and cash out.

These trades ​usually take a few days, a few weeks at most

See what we are talking about here:​

​Click Here To Watch The Video

​So what’s inside the members area?

​The regular price for the Exotics Club is $4,997/year, but for a limited time (check if still available) you can snatch a lifetime founding member membership for$1,497.

We jumped right in, as spots were filling up FAST (that was on August 21st, 2019) and we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity!

Here is what is inside:

  • Your First “Exotics Club” trade sent to you via email. A stock just entered the profit circle — it’s a coiled spring ready to take off. And now you can take the ride up along with me and the best traders on earth.
  • 240 “Exotics Club Daily Briefing” trades over the next 12 months! Remember, we get daily action in the club — that’s fast money all year! You’ll receive this every morning, Monday through Friday. It contains the trade of the day, the detailed explanation of why that trade could break out for massive gains, and breakdown of the specific headlines we’re watching.And that’s just over the coming year. You’ll continue to get those trades every day (M-F) for LIFE!Over two years that means you’ll get 480 trades… three years 720 trades… You get 240 trades, year after year… after year!
  • 104 “Exotics Club Weekly Briefing” trades sent to your email as a protected pdf. These are the elephant trades with gains most people only dream about.You’ll get 2 trades every Sunday morning for LIFE!
  • Full Access to the “Exotics Club” Members Only websitewhere you can track all the trades. You’ll never miss anything! Ever!“The Exotics Course” video mini-masterclass where you can watch me personally teach every detail of the strategy. As someone in my inner circle, you get to know everything.
  • The “Millionaire Masterclass Private Tapes”: 15 hours of uncensored video. You get to be a fly on the wall as the top traders on earth — discuss their personal strategies!
  • Membership to our Secret Facebook Group: This is where you can connect with everyone — me and all the other members of The Exotics Club. Remember, none of the best traders on earth got that good without talking with other traders. Here you can discuss the latest trades and anything else relegated to making money. You’re never on your own once you’re in my inner circle.
  • The Annual Exotics Club Meeting: Fun, sun and making money! The title of this year’s retreat is “How to Play the 2020 Elections to Make a Fortune.” You’ll meet other Exotics Club members in person so you can build your own network of elite traders. And you’ll meet major political insiders who will give us the inside scoop on what this election will do to the markets.
  • Your “Founding Members Only Welcome Kit”: As soon as you get it, you’ll want to tear it open. Inside, you’ll find a flash drive with some confidential information we simply can’t release online. There’s an exclusive one-on-one interview with penny stock legend Tim Sykes… and some other surprises. And of course, it’s where you’ll find your Exotics Club Founder Membership Card, personally signed by me.

​What really “sold” us was their…


“If you place every Exotics Club trade over the next year and don’t MAKE AT LEAST 5 TIMES YOUR MONEY… ​Rob Booker will become your personal mentor and work with you everyday until that happens.”

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