Gold And Silver For Life Review

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Here is what you will learn in the gold and silver for life strategy:

  • Retaining your purchasing power (currently the purchasing power of a dollar from 44 years ago is just $0.03!)
  • Buying silver and gold like institutions and getting an incredible rate (probably 5 to 20 percent below market value)
  • Getting a cash flow of between 1 and 2.2 percent on your investment so that your money works for you
  • Compounding: ” Owning and buying as much Gold and Silver as possible by leveraging portfolio gains”

He uses a unique strategy when generating wealth and incredible ROI, which is based on three basic principles known as the Wealth Triangle Philosophy:

  • Earn with your assets during ownership
  • Buy below market value
  • Use the cash-flow to buy more of the asset

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Product Name:Gold And Silver For Life
Author:Minesh Bhindi
Price:cca. 9,900

Gold and Silver for Life Review

In a nutshell, the training by Minesh Bhindi (also the author of Stock Profits for Life Program) is based around buying gold & silver as an investment and generating cash flow in the process. Returns as high as 26.4% have been possible with his investment strategy.  The idea behind the strategy is to diversify your portfolio and start to:

  • Buy Gold & Silver and generate cash flow
  • Generate a passive income of 12% to 26,4%
  • How to do all of the above from anywhere in the world

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It is now the right opportunity due to the fact that the market is currently very unstable. Wealth is going back to physical assets, which is silver and gold sooner than later.Minesh Bhindi

The core principles in Minesh Bhindis training is structured in a way that they allow you to grow wealth, protect it, and reinvest it on a monthly basis and profit from the looming market collapse. His strategy is not based on profiting from selling and buying and chasing margins in a traditional way unlike that of other ‘popular’ investors.


It might sound a bit simplistic, but to explain this, it is best to get on board with the free training webinar that Minesh himself holds. In the webinar, he will break down his strategy and provide answers to any question you may have. You can choose from three different dates whichever one best suits you. Reserve your seat by registering here.

The investment strategy is a unique way to place your capital especially if you are searching for a way to grow your portfolio safely. One of the safest long-term investment strategies is investing in precious metals since the commodities have a strong demand, they have multiple uses across a wide range of industries, and the fact that silver, gold, and other metals are far safer than other financial products including paper money. It is actually possible to earn a return of between 12 and 26 percent on the long run, which is comparable to the ROI you can expect with real estate. Real estate is recognized universally as one of the safest investments most people can make work, but precious metals are another fascinating option since there is less fluctuations and less need for maintenance in the precious metals market.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Precious Metals?

Paper money and the banking issues both have issues. Devaluation is probably one of the first things that comes to mind, but the financial crisis of 2008 revealed that Central Banks are not to be trusted. If you would like to save for retirement or would like to save for the long-term, it should be your priority to protect your purchasing power. It is not possible to do that with a 401K, a traditional IRA, or another type of account. Precious metals provide peace of mind, safety, and a great ROI. Investing in silver and gold means that you don’t have to risk your assets for the opportunity to make a profit and that you will make a profit because the demand for precious metals is unlikely to slow down.

The question is now ‘when’ but not ‘if’ the next financial crisis will happen. If you are a young professional and would like to get started with saving up for retirement, you may have to endure several financial crises before reaching the retirement age. If you would like to avoid losing your assets and help you avoid running out of money after retirement, you should consider investing in precious metals. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that providing for your family will no longer be an issue. Investing in precious metals also means not being worried about the bank collapsing during the next crisis.

When Should You Avoid Other Types of Investment?

Traditional monetary plans have a number of issues. Many investors lose money in the end due to lack of stability in the market or the inability to assess the risks they are taking accurately. Other investors lose money since they fail to seek advice from professionals while others get wrong advice from professionals that they hire to manage their portfolio. It is also possible to lose money if you readjust the portfolio too often, use too much leverage, take too many risk, go after opportunities with a lot of aggression, or make decisions in a state of panic. Simply put, it is possible to lose money with other types of options just due to bad luck. Issues also exist with how banks are run and buying stocks is not a better option since there is no transparency with most of the major companies, which makes it hard to make the right decisions.

You can invest in silver and gold in many different ways but this training course is an efficient and simple way to get a great ROI with precious metals. The system is adapted to a wide range of clients and could be a great option if you would like to diversify your portfolio, save up for retirement, desire to diversify your portfolio, or would simply like to turn the profits you earn from your business ventures into larger profits.

With the system, you can expect an ROI of between 1 and 2.2 percent in addition to the profit that you will be generating when your silver and gold gain more value over the years. The system has been effective for 92 percent of clients in 39 countries. All the clients would readily recommend the system. It is a simple way to have your money work for you. You don’t require a lot of time to manage your capital, there is not speculation and risks and you will definitely get results. You can always rely on them to offer the necessary support when you are in need of help.

Can gold and silver for life work for me?

If you’re looking to buy gold or silver, then this is a strategy worth considering. More than 9 out of every 10 clients see results that meet their goals. You would be hard pressed to find a customer who has something bad to say about this system. Buying a commodity like gold or silver limits your financial risk against economic collapse, and is a great way to protect yourself financially. The best part of this strategy? It only takes a few hours to grasp and then put to use.

You won’t be going it alone either. With as little as one phone call a week, if you desire, one of our experts will take note of your performance and offer steps to improve if needed. If you want to earn long-term money without too much of a commitment, then this should be music to your ears. A gold/silver buying system like this is a great short-term investment for those that are looking to retire within the next decade; but remains viable for those who are just starting out with their financial planning as well. It’s a versatile system that serves everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a venture capitalist looking to grow their wealth or a personal investor who wants to set themselves up for retirement, this system is perfect for you.

What Makes this Better Than Bullion Or Coin Buying Programs?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with buying bullion or coins; but this is a strategy for those who want a more liquid investment. If you want to think in the long-term, then a different buying strategy is needed. Buying coins only gets you a small quantity of the metal itself, and you are not getting the best possible price. As an investment strategy, settling for less just isn’t smart. Security also becomes a problem. Where are you going to keep coins of that value? Every penny you have to spend on security is a penny that is no longer working for your interests.

You remove the need for security (and get better prices) by following Minesh Bhindi’s system. By purchasing in bulk you ensure that you get the best price per ounce, and leave the storage of the metals up to someone more qualified. You’re also going to have access to one of a kind support from experts in the system. There are no other metal buying programs that offer help on this level. Best of all, you’ll be able to cash out profits every month on top of the profits that are made from your precious metals themselves. With coins and bullions, the only profit you’ll ever make is off of selling your assets. Unless there is a spike in the market at just the right moment, your ROI isn’t going to be all that great. By playing the long game, you stand to make much more money in the long run.

How Does The System Work?

On average, you’ll see a cash flow return between 1-2% each and every month. As the value of your precious metals grows (which is a given in these uncertain financial times) that percentage will increase greatly. Once you’ve cashed out your returns each month, you can go on to invest in other ventures. Think of this as a wishing well that keeps giving money back to you every month. There is almost no risk in precious metals, as their value rarely drops much and is accepted as valuable all over the world.

A Look At What The System Offers

There are pros and cons to any type of metal buying system. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being upfront.


  • lower cost compared to traditional investors
  • system that works for just about everyone
  •  solid, long-term strategy
  • An all but guaranteed monthly return
  • Weekly assistance available from proffesionals in the system
  • return comparable to real estate investing, with much less risk.


  • The system is not ideal for those looking for a quick and large ROI
  • Short-term investing is less than ideal with this system
  • no starting capital means no success
  • removes diversity from your investment portfolio.

Our conclusion on the gold and silver for life training:

If you’re interested in investing with precious metals, then the system is absolutely right for you. If precious metals aren’t part of your gold and silver for life reviewinvestment strategy? No harm, no foul. No strategy is one size fits all. We want you to succeed financially, and that means choosing the strategy that is right for you; and that isn’t necessarily what works for us. Only you know for sure what the case is. If you’re interested though, this is a proven strategy that has created a ton of happy customers. No other investment strategy is going to give you the level of guidance that this one does. No other investment strategy is going to give you the same kind of long-term financial security.

The next financial crisis is likely closer than you think. Are you prepared to weather (and prosper) from the upcoming storm? Spend some time today taking a look at your current financial situation. It’s more likely than not that you have a lot more risk than you thought, and certainly more than you are willing to stomach. Some of you might actually be OK; but in many cases you will not be. If you are one of those that fall into the “not” category, the Minesh Bhindi’s Gold and Silver for Life program is here to help. It’s your financial future at stake, the time has come to take control of it.