How Bitcoin Works And Its Uses

The internet breakthrough has made possible with the new digital currency today – Bitcoin. Despite many controversies and debate with these modified cryptocurrencies, with the use of the cryptography, one can transfer value to another individual without any banking transactions involved. It is ran on the network called “Blockchain” and was first founded by Satoshi Nakamoto.

You might be interested to know how real paper money works in normal marketplaces.

Enormous time windows are needed for transfers as well as the validation process. Bitcoin offers a different way, a new and discreet process of transferring money to others without the notion of identity.

Meaning, for as long as you have the wallet address then you can make the transfer or receive it from others. These wallet addresses compose of 27 to 34 character strings mixed with upper and lowercase letters and digits from 0 to 9. The transaction is broadcasted on the network, and the miners work with blocks. The computer will solve the cryptographic puzzle. So, let us sneak into the operation to further explain the implications and works of the new digital currency.

Here is a breakdown on how a transaction on the network works:

The Thing They Called “Block Chain”

Since the transaction is all digital in form, calculation and balances are send and shared into the public ledger called the “blockchain.” The nodes are the one that will detect the bitcoin spending so it won’t be used in spending again and confirms the legitimacy of transactions to the rest of the network enables the sender to see the balances on their wallet.

The Private Key Being Used In The Transaction

It is the seed that is used in the verification of the transaction as the proof that it is being used. It serves as protection that is difficult to alter once it had been confirmed and issued since it will be broadcasted in as fast as 10 minutes.

The Mining And Hash Power

Mining simply is the concept of transmitting the data and agreement among the different computers in the system that it is being done given the rules of the cryptography which means that no human alteration and interference of the data or blocks in the chain. However, this process of mining is done artificial, consuming time by the used of the software since the miners are strangers to each other. The algorithm works in a way it gathers “hash,” which is a string of characters which itself is discreet in the type of information but enables to validate the transaction nevertheless.

The Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Mining

One can buy hash and mining powers in the data centers which allow them to earn bitcoins without the management of software or hardware. Since they are bought, you will not have a problem with the issues or troubles in mining such as electricity, hosting or installations. But the thing is if the mining contracts will get drops it prices operations will not be able to sustain the expenses brought in the process of mining and can result in the seizure of operations and there can be shady operations in mining that is involved in here.

Few Examples of How Can You Uses the Bitcoins In Daily LifeBlockchain image

Before one can start spending them, you need the a wallet that has some funds in it. Miners gather bitcoins through trading and over the time they had able to accumulate currency in their wallet. The wallets enable the individual to have the direct control of the fund without the need for the bank or third party payment processors like Paypal. Once the transactions have been validated, it is impossible to recover or reverse the process, and since it is accepted by the merchant as a form of payment, you can directly exchange it with money in bank accounts. Recently, a Bitcoin IRA has become available, but you have to do proper research on which company you can trust. You can also read our Bitcoin IRA rollover article here.

Because Bitcoin has been rampant in many transactions, we can use it for the following activities:

Send Donations

Just imagine how you can donate to charitable institutions without having to leave the comfort of your home. The bitcoin transfer is allowing collecting of funds for charities worldwide and with it; you know that your help was pass to the hands intended—-no mediator or political control. That was just absolutely awesome and nice when it goes directly to the recipient allowing no geographic limit of sending no matter how far the institution from you for as long as you are using the bitcoin funds, institutions that accept it will receive it without paperwork or documents needed.

Shop For Artwork

The Bitcoin is also accepted as payment for valuable items like pieces of artworks. There were a lot of beautiful masterpieces that are being sold in Europe. The is the marketplace for those who like to buy or sell luxuries items like artwork.


In the announcement made by press releases and other news items, travel agencies are already accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment when you book for your hotel accommodation, cruise, and flights. Not just it brings comfort to travelers it provides an easy and accessible fund for you wherever you are around the globe. There were no restrictions, no call from banks why you are making transactions in other place and all those sorts of issues and troubles that could delay the process.

Pay School

Gone are the days when tuition fees are made in the counter transaction. In the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, they are accepting fees via Bitpay. Whether you want to get a degree in law, arts, nursing or even get master’s degree all is now possible when you pay with bitcoins, and hopefully, with the bitcoin coming to its full fruition, more schools and universities will be accepting them as payment.

Purchase Properties

Was investment your priority for 2018? Indonesia, Vegas, and Nicaragua offers have multitudes of properties such as lands and homes.

That was just a few list of transactions you can do with them, but considering how far they had gone nowadays, there are hefty wonderful opportunities and possibilities you can do with your Bitcoin funds.

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