Kindle Cash Flow Review – Is It Worth It?


Learn The Exact 3-step System to How Ty Cohen is Making $30,000 in Passive Income by Uploading 25 Page Word Documents to Amazon…

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Here is what is inside the Kindle Cash Flow University (what you get TODAY):

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We are so pumped to bring Ty back to teach you this stuff in Kindle Cash Flow. Listen, if you’re reading this review and you haven’t seen video number one, you go back up above this paragraph and watch video number one first. In that 1st video they are teaching you how to build true passive income using nothing but little word documents that you upload to Amazon. Amazon could be paying your mortgage. That could be paying your car payments. Every book that you, every word document you upload is about $500 a month in passive income. You never have to do funnels, ads, sales pages, product development, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO or social media. This is one of their favorite programs that they’re releasing in 2020. Okay, in video #1 you were given an assignment. Please do it. Follow along and paste it in the comments section on their site.

Here Is a Sneak Peak Into the Membership Area

We have access to the Kindle Cash Flow membership area (see screenshot below). This way we can actually give you a in depth review of the training.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 Structure

The training in Kindle Cash Flow is divided into different modules, each going into great details.

Introduction module – Kindle Cash Flow

In this intro module, you will get basic information on how to start. There is a “quick start to self-publishing” to make sure you up to speed in no time.

Also, make sure you join the Private Kindle Cash Flow University 2.0 Facebook Group, where you will be able to get advice from almost 7,000 members!

Module 1A: Basics behind Amazon & What You NEED To Know Before Starting

This module will teach you all about Amazon, how to find topics to publish – even if you are a complete newbie.

Module 1: How To Start Making Money On Amazon Kindle Marketplace

Ty covers the basics on how to set your path and start making money as soon as possible.

You will learn everything about the terms, policies, basics on self-publishing, general principles you need to know and much more…

Module 2: How to Prepare For Domination On Amazon

There are a lot of “tricks” when it comes to publishing successfuly on the Kindle marketplace. In this module, you will learn all about how to find the best (and most profitable) niches, what NOT to do, how to publish the RIGHT way and much more…



Module 3: How to Write Your Own eBook (Fact or Fiction)

In this module, you will learn how to write an eBook (fast) and do it in a way that sells. There is a separate video on how to create fiction and a separate one for non-fiction books. You can also find a videos on fiction success and how to write great fiction in the Kindle Cash Flow University.

Module 4: KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Cash Extraction

If you haven’t heard about Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing program, this module is a must. Even if you know about it, make sure not to skip it! You will also learn what mistakes not to make when writing. There is also a in-depth video on framework and structuring, which is super-important.

Module 5: Buyer Magnet – How To Attract Hungry Buyers

This is where the rubber meets the road – this is probably one of the most important Kindle Cash Flow modules. Learn all about how to make sure customers find you online.
Some advanced strategies are shared about the Amazon search engine algorithm and how to improve your ranking in the marketplace.

Module 6: Outsourcing and Doing as Little Work as Possible

This Kindle Cash Flow lesson is going to show you how to outsource your content creation so that somebody else can do the work to create excellent ebooks for you. Excellence is emphasized because it is possible to find a really good writer to create excellent ebooks for you at a reasonable rate if you follow the advice in this lesson.

Module 7: Offline Publishing

This lesson discusses the other eBook distribution websites and other types of media distribution services to use that complement your effort on Amazon Kindle Cash Flow.

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You have got to remember Kindle Cash Flow is launching very soon at a huge discount. It’s going to be next to nothing compared to what value you’re getting.

So get pumped, get excited.

Make Sure You Are On The Early Bird List

Get on the early bird list . Make sure your email address is on the list – this is how you’re the first to know, so you can claim this huge discount for the Kindle Cash Flow University.

In the video Ty is going to walk you through the other two steps of building a completely passive income using nothing but little word documents on Amazon. He’s going to give you a couple more assignments to do in this video, but biggest thing you got to do right now is get pumped, get excited and commit. Just say yes. Commit right now if you are going to engage and enroll in Kindle Cashflow that’s releasing soon.

The System Behind the 3-Step System – Selling on the Kindle Marketplace

Ty Cohen is going to show you a continuation of a three step system to how he’s made millions of dollars selling Microsoft word files on Amazon’s Kindle – with 90% of work done for you.

So now the next thing is step two. You’ve done our research. You know that there’s interests, you know about them as a market. We know that there’s a buying market. How do you get this content created? Because you’re not going to write it right? You shouldn’t write it unless you like to write, right? Well that’s where we jump into this step, where we go in and Ty shows you three ways to get your content created. And all of these are super easy.

Getting eBooks Created for $125 – $150 a Pop!

So the first one is getting someone else to create the content for you. Now in this system, you’re going to find that you can do this for as little as $125 to $150. And this is content that you own 100% of the rights to. You can go in, you can resell it. Meaning you can put your own name on it. You can use a pen name, you can use whatever name you want. 100% of the rights to this thing, right? So that means that you can sell it as many times and as long as you want to. So in this training program, they will give you the exact sites that you can use to go in and find someone. As a matter of fact, Ty is going to jump over to one of these sites, just to give you an idea on how to post a project like this, the number of bids that will come in and the number of people that are actually dying to create this content for you.

And at $125 to $150 per piece of content… Think about that. That’s a small investment, right? To be able and generate thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars with this stuff. One of his favorite sites is shown in the video. There’s actually a few sites that they like to use in this program.

You will be able to take a look at some of the proposals –  one job Ty posted received 125 quotes. 

He talks about this in more detail in the Kindle Cash Flow program and how you can actually go in and accomplish this with ease. You’re going to see bids, his vetting process…everything. So the qualification process ensures that you hire someone who is an amazing writer, you only want great content and you hire someone who is great at doing your market research and writing the content.

So even if you’re going into an industry that you know nothing about, the product still comes out fantastic and you’re able to make money with it. You don’t have to be the expert in this. Now think about this, being able to pay 125 to $150 for content that you own the rights to. This is why the rich get rich, because they understand the power of having passive income that comes in and they understand the power of royalties coming in. Number two, they understand the power of intellectual property.

It’s your rights to something that you own, whether it’s tangible or intangible. And usually it’s intangible, right? It’s digital. You can actually pass this on to your kids. You can sell this stuff forever, right?

Ty gives you the templates inside the Kindle Cash Flow training – that you should use because if you do it the wrong way, you can totally screw it up, right? The template is built in a way: “fill in the blanks”. Anyone can do this. It’s super easy.

The Positive

  • The price tag is not as high as other similar trainings
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Does not require any prior skills
  • Newby friendly
  • A LOT of content available

The Negative

  • Has to be ordered online
  • There are no shortcuts – you WILL have to put in the work