Make More Marbles Crypto Review

Make More Marbles Crypto Review

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MMM Crypto course


On this live training webinar you will learn all about:

  • The Ins and Outs of Cryptocurrencies
  • Are They A Bubble?
  • How To Keep your Coins Safe
  • 11 Ways Everyday people are making money in the space
  • The patented “Mosaic Investing Strategy”
  • The top 2 coin Picks for 2018

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If you are looking for an in-depth review of the Make More Marble Crypto Training Course, you are at the right place. We will be writing an analysis in the following days.
Everyone and their brother is clamoring to cash in on the mania, and the hucksters are out in full force.

The guys at Make More Marbles and the elevation group saw both the demand for solid information, and the variety of products being offered on the marketplace claiming that people can “get rich overnight” and that they “can’t lose” and honestly… it made them cringe.

As any sophisticated investor knows, it’s ALL about managing the risks. If you manage the potential downside effectively, you’re MUCH more likely to participate in the upside.

And participate they did. 170x returns in Bitcoin, 100x in Ethereum, and 30x in Litecoin, to name a few.

None of this is said to brag or to impress, but to impress UPON you what’s possible when you have a set of solid investing rules, and the emotional mastery to stick to them.

They’ve been teaching thousands of people over the years how to do EXACTLY that.

They’re offering an introductory course for people who are interested in investing in blockchain-enabled currencies (cryptocurrencies)…and who REALLY don’t want to get sucked up in all the noise and scams.

And they know what you need: trusted, reliable, sober advice.

You and I both know that understanding the risks surrounding the crypto market is the most important first step to investing successfully, sustainably, and profitably.

Here’s the thing: people are excited by crypto because they see people making money… but according to surveys, 8 out of 10 have never invested in ANYTHING before, and have no idea what it requires to be a savvy and sophisticated investor.  They have no idea what to do first, where to start, and who to trust.

So, this course is the first step.

It’s the first step on a journey to sophisticated investing, which truly is simply understanding and appropriately managing the risks across their entire investment portfolio.

And if that wasn’t enough, this course will also be a gateway to incredible support, resources, and technologywhich we are developing (and have already developed – for example, our working crypto trading bot), along with an opportunity for participants to gain perspective on the amazing opportunities available to them across a variety of investment opportunities.

But it all starts here: we need to meet them where they’re at. 

And to do that, we need your help.

So…Who is behind the Make More Marbles Cryptocurrency Course?

Brad Hart, a former successful hedge fund founder (106% third party verified returns in 2013),  he has been an investor for 15 years, and an entrepreneur for 20 years.

After having his first million dollar profit month in the markets, he quickly learned that money only solves your money problems, and was lacking the connection he truly craved.

He has been building communities of people interested in growing and giving ever since.

As his network and experience have grown vastly over his career, he decided he must step up and lead, helping the tens of thousands of people out there who are reaching out to him for guidance and leadership in the space.

After he published the Make More Marbles Crypto Cheat Sheet, and it garnered tens of thousands of downloads (and counting), as well rave reviews, he knew creating a course was the next logical step.
So his team has partnered up with the best in the business, Jake and Brian Fouts at the Elevation Group, who have helped over 50,000 people with their courses to earn more, keep more and most importantly, manage risk effectively.

His mission is to help people get up to speed on the exciting (but risky!) world of CryptoCurrency as fast as possible, so they can understand both the risks and potential rewards of the space.

Make More Marbles Cryptocurrency Course Review

Each week features a guest speaker on various crypto topics ranging from the tax implications of crypto, crypto investment funds, trading, and business technology.

Week 1 – Welcome and Introduction Tutorial to the Crypto Resources

The resource section provides members access to high quality crypto related articles, links, guides, and resources. This library helps newer crypto investors by having a single source of information they can rely on.

Week 2 – Get Started Now! Becoming a Crypto Investor

This series walks members through account setup with multiple different exchanges, the approval process, and linking up to private accounts, as well as understanding the difference between wallets, exchanges, hardware versus software wallets and what is the most secure.

Week 3 – What Is CryptoCurrency?

This week gets members up to speed with understanding the language and terms, how crypto started, why it’s important, and why blockchain is the backbone of digital currency, helps members understand where their cryptocurrency is, the different types, mining, and how altcoins work, and how to spot scams and avoid them.

Week 4 – Why CryptoCurrency is Important Today

How Cryptocurrency is considered decentralized, regulations and fees, international transactions, and how crypto technology may protect your identify are just a few of the topics we cover in this week. This week also helps new investors learn how crypto investing puts control of their investments in their hands.

Week 5 – Introduction to Trading Cryptocurrency

This session introduces members to all aspects of trading, but starts them out by understanding the mindset, the process, and strategies around trading crypto. Without your own set of rules, success in trading can be difficult. Therefore, our goal is to educate members so they can create their own trading rules to match their strategy and investing goals.

Week 6 – Trading Strategies and Methods for Cryptocurrency

Once members have an understanding of trading cryptocurrency, we dive into the actual methods and strategies. We help them fine tune their rules and put them into more advanced action plans through real time examples on trading platforms.

Additional Support includes weekly live Q&A calls for members to get ALL their questions answered, personalized assistance in setting up accounts, trading strategy, goals and focus, and much more, a private Facebook group, and a library of written resources ranging from blog posts to reference documents.