Stock Profits For Life Review – Perfect Portfolio 3 Pillar Strategy by Minesh Bhindi

Posted By Ziga Breznik, Last updated: April 18, 2020

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What is the Stock Profits For Life (SPFL)?

In a nutshell the stock profits for life program by Minesh is a proven and tested strategy for anyone looking to grow their wealth. It focuses on the stock market with a special combination of ETFs and options. What makes it super-safe and proven is the fact that you are never entering any trades leveraged. Read that again… No leverage. This is a key component to growing your wealth and surviving economic turmoil.

Who is Minesh Bhindi?

Unlike most financial gurus, Minesh is different in many ways. He is the founder of which also includes his Gold an Silver For Life program and Real Estate For Life Programs. His career started when he was only 16 and made his first £1 Million pounds at a very early point in his life. Fast forward to 2009, he decide he wants to help investors across the globe with his “plug and play” systems and founded Perfect Portfolio LLC. Currently his members come from 40+ countries around the world.

The key strategy of SPFL

You have got to compound, not trade!

Truth be told, there are many financial gurus and advisors on the web and finding trustworthy ones is a daunting task.

Perfect portfolio is designed to protect your capital value and your investment over a long period of time.

The primary goal of capital appreciation is:

To Protect The VALUE of Your Money

Only 5% of people in the stock market make any reasonable amount of money, and only 1% make anything above a reasonable wage.

The way that stock profits for life program is structured, allows you to cash flow your assets and generate an income of 12% to 26.4% per Year.

The power of compounding and generating cash flow with your investment

Let’s take a simple scenario… Let’s make up  2 friends and call them Joe and Tom. 

At 21, they both invested $10,000. 

Joe invested his $10,000 in a simple Index Fund. 

Tom invested his $10,000 using the strategy Minesh is teaching in his stock profits for life.

At the time of retirement, 66 (United States), they both compare their investments. 

The US Stock Market grew by 8% compounded every year… Joe’s $10,000 invested in a simple Index Fund had turned into:


On the other hand, Tom’s $10,000 plus about 20 minutes of work to generate that extra cash flow of 12%/year using the strategy Minesh is teaching. That grew to a staggering:


And above all – this investment grew safely!So, how come so many people lose money in the stock market?

Quite frankly it is not their fault. It come down to:

  • Bad Education
  • Bad Strategy
  • Bad Guidance

So how come people get wealthy in the stock market?

They use index funds… Simply put, they are not chasing stocks.


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What Is an Index Fund and How Are They Used in Stock Profits for Life?

Simply put, an index fund is some type of a mutual fund that tracks a market index such as the S&P 500 (an index that holds 500 of the largest companies in the US). It provides broad market exposure, instead of being exposed to just one stock. In a nutshell, by owning 1 stock, you own every stock worth owning.

They “even out” the volatility, by flowing with the whole market instead of just one company and smoothing out the returns.

Warren Buffet on Index Funds:

“By periodically investing in an index fund, the know-nothing investors can actually outperform most investment professionals.”

Benefits of Index Funds:

  • Track a wide variety of companies (diversification)
  • They ebb & flow with the entire market to smooth returns
  • They completely erase human error
  • They set you up to profit from the strength of the American economy over time

Pros and Cons of Stock Profits for Life

The Pros

  • Low Manageable Risk
  • Safe strategy of investing
  • Proven to work
  • On Auto-Pilot
  • Without Leverage
  • Don’t have to pick stocks
  • Don’t have to be watching trading charts all day
  • works even if you are terrified of the stock market

The Cons

  •  Although minimal, there is always risk involved when trading. However, with the stock profits for life strategy, risk is managed in a very manageable and safe way. As long as you are not entering investments leveraged, you can survive and profit almost in every scenario.
  • Price – while the price is quite high, we think disciplined investors can make it back in a year.

Final Verdict

The education Minesh is providing is one of the best that we have seen to date. He is upfront about everything he does and why he does it. The stock profits for life is all about growing wealth over longer periods of time. If you are for term trades (which we don’t recommend) this isn’t the right program for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to grow your wealth over longer periods of time, that generations can benefit from, this is a perfect fit. Register for his free webinar and learn more about it here.


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