Monday Morning Paydays Review

A Famous Hedge Fund Manager Just Bet Rob Booker He Couldn’t Show You How to Make $1,100 Every Monday Morning


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For a limited time only, Rob has opened the doors to his trading system. Memberships are limited and once the doors close, the may never open again. Rob and his team want to keep this a close circle.

Doors are slamming shut when all the spots are filled or January 12th latest!
This is not a marketing stunt, but something Rob has done multiple times in the past.
We bought one of the founding members memberships before and here is how it looks like:

membership card

Now lets get to the point… Is this really legit?
We would say without a doubt: YES!
Rob has a unprecedented track record with his students for many years now. On top of that, he proved his system over and over again!
On top of that, they offer a 30-Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on this system. Didn’t get the expected results? Simply ask for a refund and get your money back.

Here is what you are getting when you enroll the Insiders Club:

  1. The first 2 “Monday Monday Payday” sent over to you via text and email – that means cash in your account – on auto pilot! (Value: $4,800)
  2. The “Insiders Kit” – Exclusive to members ONLY – amazing gear, trading journal, numbered membership card and a LOT more (Value: $499)
  3. 104 “Monday Morning Payday” signals over the next year and the year after that…and the year after… for LIFE! (Value: $115,200)
  4. Exclusive in-person meet ups for members – you’ll get a chance to hang out, network and learn from other lifetime members, Rob and other successful traders (Value: $1,000+)
  5. BONUS REPORT (just added): Generational Wealth – 7 Stock Picks That Will Take Care of Your Family for Years to Come (Value: Priceless)
  6. SPECIAL BRIEFING: A special system on how to pay as little as possible to the government – legally! (Value: $10,000+)

Normal One Year Price: $4,995

Limited Time “Founding Member” Membership: $1,995

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*You Chance To Claim One Of The Final Spots Ends In*


Today on the LIVE stream, Rob Booker is going to be showcasing how ANYONE can profit from household stocks by clicking a few buttons.

Yes… It CAN be done!

If you are skeptical – Join the live stream here.

UPDATE: Seats are filling up fast – check here for available seats or join the waiting room.

Final Video is LIVE – You Won’t Believe The Bet This Houston Millionaire Made On Your Behalf

This upcoming event is going to be massive…

It’s already transformed an entire town in Alabama and changed the lives of hundreds of “regular” people!

And for the first time ever, Rob Booker will be going live across the globe.

LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE: We recommend you book your seat now!

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Video #1 is LIVE – Rob Booker Changing “Regular” Peoples Lives In Alabama

Over the next few days leading up to January 6th at 12pm Eastern, Rob is going to be sending you bits and pieces of what he uncovered.

Make sure to mark your calendars for:

January 6th, 12pm Eastern

In the meantime, head over to the video the Rob Booker team made when they were in Alabama!!

You’ll hear from us soon!!


>>Limited Seats Available<<

Watch: This Cocky Hedge Fund Manager LAUGHED
When Rob Said he Could Show You (or anyone else)
How to Make $1,150 Every Monday Morning…
But Then He Showed Him This!

Here is a sneak peak into His Trading System Video Series

Video #1 – Rob Bets $10,000 With Mark Sebastian:

Rob Booker is on a Skype call with world renowned hedge fund manager and Jim Cramer’s volatility expert, Mark Sebastian.

They begin to argue over how easy it is to make money in the stock market. Mark says only smart, rich people on the inside can do it. Rob says it’s easy and he can show anyone how. Mark challenges Rob ($10,000 to charity) to do just that. But with one condition.

Rob can’t pick the people he shows how to make money. Mark gets to do that. And he picks the people of Gadsden, Alabama. The small, blue collar town where Rob’s family grew up.

Rob agrees, and with the challenge accepted, he and the team head to Gadsden, Alabama to show regular folks how to make instant, automatic income in the stock market.

Video #2 – From ZERO To “Well-Off” – How Anyone Can Do It:

Rob is outside the home where his father grew up. It’s as middle America as you can get. Maybe even lower income. Rob reminisces. Hot summers spent catching fireflies in the yard. And his dad working and working and working and never getting ahead. But this is what makes America so great. Just one generation later, that father’s son, Rob Booker is well off. He makes thousands of dollars in just seconds online every Monday morning. And so he sets out to show these regular, hard working folks how to do exactly that.

Video #3 – People Click a Few Buttons on Rob’s Phone and Get Thousands of Dollars in Cash:

Rob Booker goes H.A.M. all over Gadsden, Alabama, grabbing complete strangers and showing them how to make automatic income. NOTE: You may think you’ve seen videos like this before. Well, you may have seen something similar… “Man on the street”, instant income videos. But you’ve never seen anything like this. But Rob Booker went legitimately ROGUE and genuinely approached absolute strangers, got them to click his phone a few times, and then he paid them THOUSANDS of dollars in cash.

*You Chance To Claim One Of The Final Spots Ends In*


Here is a transcript from the 1st video:

transcript video

[00:00:00] Wow. OK. So I just got back from a trip and I don’t even know how to tell you everything that happened. But the incredible video we shot will tell the story better. This trip was the most humbling, inspiring, happy, sometimes even sad trip of all time. I met some incredible people. We changed some lives and they changed mine, too. Absolutely nothing happened like I thought it would or how we planned. You’ll see exactly what I mean in a minute. Keep watching, because I promise you’ve never seen anything like it before. What ended up happening was the greatest moment of my professional career. And what started as a simple challenge, a bet turned into an event that changed an entire community, even involve the police. Whoops. But when you see what happened, it’ll change your life, too. I’ll be willing to bet on that. Because if you’re not making a minimum of five or ten dollars every Monday morning with just a few clicks of your computer or your phone, and you’re about to see exactly how to do that. And here’s what happened. [00:01:14]

Is Rob Booker Trading System Legit?

[00:01:15] This is Mark Sebastian, famous volatility expert on Jim Cramer’s television program for many years and a hedge fund manager. You had tons of experience in the market trader on the floor in Chicago. And so what were you just saying about ordinary people and their ability to not make money? [00:01:36]

[00:01:37] I know the deck is kind of stacked against. We’re kind of in a club. You’ve got to have the goods to join the club. And you either do it through years and years of education and training or you are pretty much out and you don’t have the goods. You’re not you’re not going to get if you make money, it’s dumb walk. It’s not. [00:02:01]

[00:02:02] And that’s specifically why I asked you if I could record this phone call, because I think after all these years, I have a way to help people make automatic income from the stock market, even if they have little or no experience. And in some cases, you know what, I bet even if they don’t even have a brokerage account yet, I can teach them how to do it. [00:02:20]

Automatic Income

[00:02:21] And I’m saying, like in 10 minutes, you’re going to see somebody in 10 minutes how to make automatic income from the stock market. [00:02:28]

[00:02:28] I think I can stand with the person that I’ve never met before that doesn’t even have a brokerage account that has never had any trading experience and teach them how to make thousands of dollars. Like, I don’t know, getting a paycheck or whatever. And I’m willing to bet ten thousand dollars to my favorite charity or your favorite charity. If I’m wrong, I can’t do this. I’ll donate ten thousand dollars to your favorite charity if I can meet an ordinary person or group of people and teach them how to do this. You’ve got to give ten thousand dollars to whatever charity I know. [00:03:04]

[00:03:05] I will take your bet. But I could choose where you go to teach this person. I’m going to send you somewhere really random. Where were you? Where were you born again? Where are you from? [00:03:14]

[00:03:15] So I was born in Miami. My dad was born in Gadsden, Alabama. That’s Alabama. And hey, you’re going to say that? [00:03:21]

[00:03:23] I don’t even know where that is. Guess what? You go to Alabama. You got to pull somebody. You got pull somebody from Gadsden, Alabama, and you’re going to teach him how to make automatic and in if you don’t, I’m going to pick the charity of my choice and you’re going to cut them a nice fat check. OK. You’re on. I’ll do it. All right. [00:03:41]

[00:03:41] And that’s how it began. But Mark didn’t know at the time is that I have a new way of generating instant income from the stock market. Instant automatic income. So the team and I grabbed our stuff and we hit the road to Alabama to show regular folks how to make automatic income from the stock market. You’ll see every crazy thing that happened in the next videos. You’ll see me showing folks who don’t even have a brokerage account how to make income from the stock market with just a few clicks of the computer. And you’ll even see how you can do it yourself. Five hundred and thirty two dollars. Seven hundred and eighty four dollars. Nine hundred and three dollars. And even more automatically. Just like that. [00:03:41]

*You Chance To Claim One Of The Final Spots Ends In*