Money Revealed Review

Money Revealed Review

Here is what they don’t teach you in school – you’ve been lied to your whole life (this is important)!

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​Posted: 16th October 2019

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Before you decide to invest ANY money, we urge you to read through our money revealed review.

Money Revealed documentary series, what is it all about? How can it benefit you and your loved ones?

money revealed documentary

First we need to go over the background story of how we got here.

The whole system begins to fall…

The dot com bubble of 2000. And then the subprime meltdown of ‘08. Both of those cut the market in HALF!

The storm clouds this time are clearly visible… And it is not a pretty picture for the 401(k) holders.

An economic storm is brewing. 

Is there ANYTHING you can do to prepare?

Truth be told, 95% of Americans have no IDEA on how any of this works. So they just get angry, instead of thinking with their heads.


Why do some people have and keep wealth, while others stuck in the rat race?

Why not imitate their success instead?

It is really strange they don’t teach “money” at school. What they teach you to do is to get a job, be an employee…

The rich don’t pay taxes. LEGALLY!

The government taxes the stupid. The uneducated, misinformed.

Most people use debt to get poorer, while the rich use debt to become richer.

We already watched this great financial experiment and most of the hard working Americans are still part of it.

And because of that they are stuck, stay poor or middle class – AT BEST!

Hard work with the wrong philosophy = bankruptcy

What do the rich teach their children, that normal hard working people don’t know… ? And never will…

Why do the rich keep getting richer?

We will get to that in a moment. Do you know that Einstein said that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world? And then Rothschild said: “NO… it is compound interest, tax FREE”

If you double $1 20 times you have $1,000,000 (go ahead, calculate it) If you are in the 25% tax bracket you only have $72,000, when you could have $1,000,000!

Making money and keeping money are 2 VERY different skill sets. That is the difference between making $250,000/year and $250,000,000/year. As long as you keep reading about that and not actually doing it, you are going to stay where you are at.

What really needs to be explained is where did our wealth and prosperity come from and how do we generate more of that for everybody. The middle class are people that have a little bit of money, but most of the time they end up spending it. 

Who knew that money had so much to do with our health and well-being? And how good it feels to really understand what’s going on with money and the stress it causes?

What else can we say…? 

This documentary has blown the doors off, and hundreds of thousands have converged to see it unfold for the online premiere.

The consensus?

It’s so much to take in! Especially in just days. The episodes are only up for 24 hours as you can see in our money revealed review and there’s just so much to see and hear!

I’m sure you’d like a second chance… to catch that one episode you didn’t want to miss. Or to watch that intriguing interview one more time.

Or to show a loved one the information you know will help them. 

I’m sure, like many of the viewers we’ve heard from, you’d like the opportunity to see ALL of the MONEY REVEALED episodes.

Well… We’re doing it!

We’re giving you a chance to watch every single episode for FREE, for this entire weekend.

Who is behind the Money Revealed ​series?

patrick gentempo

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays

Nate Hopkins

Nate Hopkins

Michael Hearne

​Each of the self-made millionaires in the documentary series share their success stories with the viewers. The series is structured as a set of different interviews. In these interviews a lot is shared about important economic predictions and how to prepare for these events, along with groundbreaking technology advancements and strategies to attain financial success – something nobody will learn from school.

In this series of 9 episodes you will get behind the scenes knowledge of 36 self-made millionaires. The mastermind behind it all is Dr. Patrick Gentempo, who is an expert in business, health and a renowned filmmaker. ​

Episode 1: The secret behind debt and taxation

david gardner

David Gardner – a well known figure as one of the founders of the widely popular website The Motley Fool. He reveals how the “Motley Fool” was built and the unusual mission behind it. He also shares a small tweak to traditional stock investing that can make a huge difference both socially and financially. The highlight of this segment is definitely on how one should start investing, no matter the age and the simple explanation anyone can understand. 

robert kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki – author of the New York Time’s Best Seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” starts of the money revealed series. In this episode he goes over how to use debt to create wealth, contrary to what most people believe. At first it seems impossible, but the strategies revealed really have that “A-HA” moment. This unique principle is used by some of the best businessman in the world. How about 5 investments that legally wipe out taxes and contribute the economy? Robert Kiyosaki shares it all…

Episode 2: Should you be “saving” for retirement, 2 healthcare investments and future technology

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco – Unless you have been living under a rock, you must’ve heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Ray reveals 2 blockchain sectors that are on the rise along with the most profitable stock markets that no one is talking about. On top of that, he also spill the beans on 2 healthcare investments that are worth looking into.

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson – traditional means of retirement and what you think, might be completely wrong. There is a better way to approach retirement and why the traditional way doesn’t create financial freedom or adequate assets. What he reveals about 401(k) made the filmmaker himself liquidate his 401(k) after learning this hair-raisin truth. When thinking about retirement, it always seems like it is years away, but after seeing this episode, your belief system will be shaken.

Episode 3: Japanese concept to achieve peak wealth and the rigged system that will send the stock market on a downward spiral 

Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton – Another important segment about a Japanese strategy that is the key to wealth, making more money and health. He reveals why now is the best time in the history to be rich, no matter where in the world you live. He also reveals how to skip the first 2 phases of entrepreneurship and get to the 3rd phase, where money really starts to flow.

Andy Tanner

Andy Tanner – Economic collapse is inevitable and it is going to happen sooner than later. But for the smart investor there is a pretty simple move to save an individual or businessman to survive. Did you know there is a deceptive figure on your account statement that is skimming your account, but you can get rid of it? Andy tells you how…

Episode 4: Creating income on demand, future of crypto and household money management

Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer – He is a strong advocate of correlating money with happiness. Further, he shares household money management tips and 2 very strong criteria that an investment should show for it to be powerful enough to free you from working. If you need a fresh perspective on how to handle your personal finance, this segment is worth watching…and taking notes!

Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard – Learning from his own mistakes, he had a breakthrough and realized what he was doing wrong financially and now he shares it with you. He also shares the strategies on how to invest in the right cryptocurrencies and why we will soon see a tokenization of money which will change we look at money forever. Some of the ideas he shares are very futuristic, but for anyone open to these principles, it is a must see segment!

Ryan Moran

​Ryan Moran – ​How to structure your wealth accumulating processes? Ryan shares his step by step process on how to earn the first million. In his 90-day action plan he reveals some business strategies and growth hacks that are straight up amazing.

Episode 5: What rich people do & how the secret to passive income

Justing Harrison

Justin Harrison – His story has to be one that relates to most people the most. Coming from nothing, he shares how mac & cheese drove him to create multiple passive income streams. He also shares his tips and experience on how to manage money just like he did when his income started surpassing $10,000/month. Some of the strategies he shares is very practical , easy to understand and relate to, especially for the younger audience.

John Mackey

John Mackey – His revelation on the single one activity all rich people do, blew us away. This has to be the key takeaway from the whole money revealed series. It is something that caught us off-guard. On top of that you will get an insight into his powerful strategies as an investor. Want to know why him joining a hippy commune led to the one of the greatest capitalistic accomplishments of the modern time? Watch episode 5!

Episode 6: wealth for single family homes & how to pay for jet set traveler lifestyle

Scott Picken

Scott Picken – wouldn’t it be nice that cash keeps flowing while you explore exotic locations? If that is something you can relate to, Scott’s insights on how to live and fund a global traveler lifestyle will blow your mind! Did we mention that it only takes one type of asset? He also shares how he is going to eliminate poverty and create wealth for people across the globe through capitalism. Last but not least, he shares his 5 rules for collaborative investing and how anyone can apply them.

Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips – 3 Ways on how single family homes can become wealthy, where to be careful with your money and what type of approach one should take. His real estate portfolio became even more valuable during the crash of 2008 – while everyone else panicked. At the end he also gives his plan on how to grow wealth through single family homes.

Episode 7: future of crypto and why it is unstoppable

Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne – why blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change everything about world economics. How third world countries will finally have a better infrastructure than what’s available anywhere else. The 3 areas that he is looking to implement blockchain and how this is going to unlock multiple trillions of dollars.

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson – remember how people doubted the internet and email will never “stick”? Jonathan thinks the same is happening with blockchain and bitcoin. What will be the next big move? Simple tips for investors looking to bank in on the inevitable rise of blockchain and how blockchain can change every part of our society.

Ali El Husseini

Ali El Husseini – Ali shares his in-depth understanding of blockchain and when you understand how it really works, you will see why it is unstoppable. Governments all across the globe are working towards the implementation of this technology and what this means for all of us. Would you call him crazy for calling blockchain more disruptive than the internet? Not so fast… listen to what he has to say! Finally, what sectors should you look into over the next 15 years? More in episode 7…

Episode 8: work at home & doing good for others while acquiring wealth

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew – An inside scoop on taxation and 401(k)s that has never been shared before – there’s a built in flaw that the government is just starting to acknowledge.  How about permanent tax-free returns and the biggest parasite to your wealth – fixing this will enable you to build wealth, while doing good. 

Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque – His strategy that enabled him to create 23 online businesses and the 7 factors that have to be met for a business to be worth pursuing (along with 5 tests for any market). He also reveals a FREE online tool that quickly gives you the green/red light for starting a new online business.

Episode 9: work at home & doing good for others while acquiring wealth

john carter

John Carter – The whole story about how John went from making money with his first massive trade in high school to swing trading and now teaching others how to trade profitably. He also shares his view on cryptocurrencies and where they fit in a well-planned investment portfolio along with a few of the top investments that any investor should consider today!

Jason Fladlein

​Jason Fladlien – ​One of the top private label sellers on Amazon, Jason is going all out with his strategies on how to start a business selling on Amazon. Over the years Jason has thought numerous students how to sell on Amazon without doing all the heavy lifting. Want to know how to quickly and effectively analyze any product idea to see if it is worth pursuing. Never spend any money on product development until you meet these ​criterias. How much money can you actually make selling on Amazon? Jason shares data from over 15,000 students.

​Conclusion and our verdict

​Hope you enjoyed our money revealed review and got the information you needed. We urge you to take advantage of this free documentary series while it gets taken down! This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an inside scoop on how “our world works” from the leading experts.

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