Regal Assets Canada Review

regal assets canada review


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Regal Assets Canada – The US top rated award wining gold IRA company has opened their offices in Canada and now offer gold RRSP and gold TFSA accounts.

The Canadian-based sister company of the award wining US bullion dealer offers investors trustworthy and a very well established brokerage service, specializing in adding gold and other precious metals to retirement accounts, such as RRSP and TFSA.

The US based parent company is renowned for its market leading customer service, low premiums and fees. Their in house group of experts handle all aspects of building a precious metals retirement portfolio at no additional cost. Precious metals are available for delivery or secure vaulting when you opt for a retirement account.

With over a thousand positive reviews on TrustLink, A+ grade on BBB, AAA rating on BCA and ranked the #20 by INC 500, we truly believe this is one of the best companies to trust with your retirement or precious metals portfolio.

They offer gold, silver, platinum and palladium from all leading brands. Both retail & wholesale pricing is available at


Shipping and Storage

Whether you purchased physical bullion withing or outside a retirement account, you have several storage options. Regal has strategic partnerships with top vault providers and are one of the rare companies that offer segregated storage WORLDWIDE at costs lower than industry standards.

After purchasing your precious metals, you can have them delivered directly to any eligible vault location of your choice and Regal will create an account automatically on your behalf. It’s is really that easy. You will receive the usual tracking and verification you’d expect. Once your metals are delivered and in your vault account, you can have them delivered at any given time, transfer them to a different vault or pick them up in person!

Security of Segregated Storage

Regal Assets Segregated storage with a trusted and fully secured third-party custodian is without a doubt the safest option for precious metals storage. Segregated vaulting offers you the benefit of having you metals held as individual bars and coins and stored in a private space inside the vault and clearly marked. The metals you buy are the exact same when you decide to liquidate or have them delivered.

Storage Insurance

Regal Assets Canada offers third-party insurance for the total value of your account. Compare that to deposit boxes that commercial banks offer you, you will quickly find out that your precious metals are not insured by the FDIC from losses nor offer any affordable insurance option. This leaves you subject to losses due to fire, theft and other causes.

RRSP and TFSA Worldwide Storage Options

For both RRSP and TFSA Regal Assets offer both North American and Singapore storage options. For precious metals purchased outside a retirement account, Regal offers you the option to store your metals ANYWHERE in the world with their partner Brink’s. Brink’s is the leader in the industry for maximum security storage. If needed your metals can be held in several vaults, which are located in different countries and jurisdictions. That mean you are in FULL control of where you precious metals are located at any given time.

segregated storage regal assets CA

Storage Pricing

When purchasing precious metals ALWAYS do your due diligence on the pricing structure of the companies you choose to work with. Unlike many of its competitors who charge a percentage of your investment, Regal charges a Flat Fee of $250 per year, no matter you account size. The problem with scaled (% based fees) is that the fee grows along with your account value. If you have been shopping for vault storage for a while, chances are that you had a hard time getting a straight-forward answer when it comes to pricing. For a flat fee at Regal you get a fully secured, surveillanced, segregated storage for a flat yearly fee, no matter the value of your assets.

Physical Bullion Storage Compared to Gold & Silver ETF fees

This might come as a surprise, but holding and storing physical gold & silver is actually much cheaper than management fees of an ETF.

Ownership Method
Costs/Year -
500k In Gold
Segregated Storage?
Vault Location Options
Home Delivery Option?
Deposit Box Storage (Local Bank)
$200 Flat
Purchased bullion is the same as stored and delivered bullion.
Local bank storage
Pickup only.
Regal Assets Segregated Gold RRSP Storage
$150 Flat
Purchased bullion is the same as stored and delivered bullion.
According to CRA gold is stored in a approved 3rd party depository
Delivery or pickup available.
$1,250 (0.25%)
Bars allocated and owned by trust
$2,000 (0.40%)
No segregated storage and conversion possible with delivery at a 7% fee
with pricey conversion fees and assuming they have the metals available at the time
$1,950 (0.39%)
Bars allocated and owned by trust
$1,750 (0.35%)
Bars allocated and owned by trust
$2,000 (0.40%)
Bars allocated and owned by trust

The verdict on Regal Assets Canada

Judging by our experience and what we have been able to dig up about the company, we can give Regal Assets CA our stamp of approval. If you are ready to talk to one of their experts, request you free gold IRA kit or give them a call at +1-844-334-0018.



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