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One phrase that we often hear when talking about the volatility and unstable financial markets is “safe haven”.

It refers to precious metals, currencies and a variety of other assets that suppose to be safe from market ups and downs. No so long ago, the US Dollar was considered a “safe haven”, but the constant fluctuations in the currency and financial markets have had their impact on the stability of the US Dollar as well as other currencies around the globe.

How can you avoid the fall of the US dollar?

So, one answer on how you can avoid the fall of US dollar would be gold. The price of gold does fluctuate, but precious metals in general have a inherent value and are less likely to fluctuate.

If you are looking into a self-directed IRA to protect and grow your wealth, Regal Assets or Advantage Gold should be a safe bet. They can help you set up your account and give you a lot of control and options for diversification.

This is a company you probably heard about before and in our review, we will go over the capabilities of this company doing your 401k rollover and running your gold backed IRA account.

There has been a trend of highly successful investors buying gold in recent years. I would guess that you have heard that before and that is the reason you ended up on this website in the first place. One company that has made a strong respectable name for themselves is Regal Assets.

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Many first time gold investors choose them

It seems that everyone loves them, but the question is, why? What is it about this IRA company that causes it to stand out from the competition? It’s not only the pricing of the company but the customer service as well. When someone has a problem they can immediately contact a customer service representative and have the issue sorted out. That’s why their business has a 99.9% customer service satisfaction rating.

They also stand out as a company that is truly passionate about their business and what it means for its clientele. They offer segregated storage for all of their investment clients. This means that each individual client has their own compartment for storage. Most companies that sell and store bullion and bars, store all of the clients assets in a single storage. You can read more in our review.

However, there are some other companies that offer segregated storage. These companies usually charge annual storage fees over $300. With Regal, on the other hand, charges an annual storage rate of only $150. Nearly half the cost of the industry standard. Yet another reason why they are a preferred choice of many.

They specialize in 401k rollovers to gold IRA accounts. This makes a HUGE difference. If you work with a IRA rollover company that doesn’t fully understand the IRA rollover process you could wind up losing big time. The majority of Regal Asset’s business comes from gold and silver IRA rollovers.

Around 95 percent of their business consists of retirement account rollovers. There are still times when you may have your assets stored and want to quickly retrieve it. They have a very fast processing and shipping schedule. You get your withdrawn precious metals within seven days or they will send you a free Silver American Eagle Coin. Compare this to other companies that may take up to 30 days to ship it out.

Pricing is also an important consideration. The storage pricing has already been discussed. Not only will they save you money in annual storage costs, but they can save you money in nearly every aspect of managing a rollover account. They offer the best prices and they only charge a single annual rate in addition to the storage charge.

Regal Assets – Fees

The annual rate for retirement accounts is a flat fee of $150 plus storage costs. These fees are waived during the first year of the account. That means you get one year for free before yous tart paying storage, delivery, and administrative fees.

Is Regal Assets the right company for you? They have a lot to offer. They have a well-established track record that is backed by hundreds of positive reviews. Not a single complaint exists against their company on the BBB website.

Their prices are highly competitive. They are even willing to disregard all fees for the first year of storage. The delivery process is extremely quick and backed with a guarantee for a free Silver American Eagle Coin if they fail to keep their part of the deal and liquidate your assets under 7 days.

The only problem one might have with this company is their high account minimum. The lowest investment they have available, costs $10,000. New investors might find that a little intimidating. But if you are confident in what you want and have the funds, you likely won’t find a better option.

From what we’ve seen, we can recommend Regal Assets LLC as our top choice! Based on all the trusted reviews, customer satisfaction and their flawless run rate – I can assure you this is a safe bet!

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