Regal Cryptos Review

The cryptocurrency market has been a bumpy road in the last couple of years. While this is still a new endeavor and there are few regulations in place, we are seeing tremendous growth andregal cryptos logo
adoption. For anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, safety is a big concern. In our Regal Cryptos review we will take a look at the the legitimacy of the company and why they are the only company worth trusting.

With adoption, more people are getting into the market either as a investor or as a supporter. Ever since the Mt. Gox hack back in 2014, which at the time was handling around 70% of the worlds bitcoin supply, a lot of investors started loooking at alternative solution for their cryptocurrency storage. By far, the safest way to store cryptocurrency is with cold storage.

Regal Crytpos was founded by Tyler Gallagher, the owner of the award winning gold investment company called Regal Assets LLC. In november 2018, Regal RA DMCC ( got issued the worlds first and only cryptocurrency licence by the DMCC in Dubai and offer a Bitcoin IRA in the United States.

Cryptocurrency Cold Storage

Cryptocurrencies are still a gray area in many of the developed countries around the world. That is why Regal arranged that investors are able to store them in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, away from governments, thief’s and risk of confiscation. Cold storage provides investors with a peace of mind, because it is completely offline not connected to an internet connection. The cryptocurrency wallet is created offline, keeping you in full control of your private keys among many other security risks,  providing unprecedented privacy and safety.

All of the private keys are generated 100% offline with a patented process, unique to Regal Cryptos. The key is stored within a hardware wallet. Nobody gets access to it, not even their employes.
Backed by Lloyd's of London - your crypto commodities are FULLY insured for their market value by the world's first crypto insurance policy. Keep a peace of mind with insurance against theft, hacking or natural disaster.
Stored in the 5th securest vault underneath the Almas towers in Dubai, cryptos stored with Regal are safe from governments, hackers and provide you with an impenetrable layer of security.

Why Should You Strongly Consider

  • Worlds first DMCC cryptocurrency license
  • the parent company was ranked #20 by INC 500
  • the company has been around for a long time
  • more than 1000 positive reviews (parent company Regal Assets)
  • A+ Rating on BBB
  • AAA Rating by BCA
  • low premiums
  • low service fees
  • expert advisors
  • one of the safest storage options available


If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and security is a concern, we can 100% recommend Regal. Their company has been around for many years and have nothing but positive reviews, which shows that they take care of their customers and pride themselves with doing so. Their office in Dubai is a huge leap forward both in the world of gold and cryptocurrency investing. Not many companies exist that are on top of things especially in the crypto-currency landscape.

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