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Regal RA DMCC was founded in Dubai to bring investors the benefits of offshore cold storage, both for cryptocurrency and precious metals. They recently got licensed by the Dubai government as the worlds first licensed crypocurrency company.


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The company is able to store cryptocurrencies in one of the worlds most secure vaults, located underneath the Almas Towers in Dubai. The beauty of their process is that they have a patented process in place and all of the private keys are generated completely offline, never connected to any computers or networks. This insures that all of the crypto commodities are safe against theft and hacking.

They aim to become one of the biggest and most recognized brands in the alternative investments niche, specializing in individual investors and focusing on client satisfaction. Since their foundation, they’ve helped thousands of customers move savings accounts into physical precious metals. In fact it is the only company in the gold investment niche that has 0 negative complaints and has a 5 star rating both on BBB, BCA and TrustLink.

As part of their vision, they recently opened an office in Dubai, to serve their customers in a tax and jurisdiction efficient way. They offer multiple storage options all over the globe, including Singapore and Dubai. Their fees and commissions are completely transparent, letting investors know everything before doing business with them.


The assets stored with Regal are fully insured for their market value by Lloyd’s of London against hacking, theft or natural disaster.

Background on the company

Regal Assets was founded back in 2009 by a Canadian entrepreneur and investor Tyler Gallagher as a gold investment company for Canadians and Americans. Soon it was seen that they are here to stay and the company was ranked #20 by INC 500. From the start, they have always put their customers first, which is seen with well over 1000 positive reviews and a 99,9% customer satisfaction. To check out the top gold IRA companies and why Regal is still #1, read this.

You can check out their reviews at Trustlink here.

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Storage – Regal RA DMCC

Naturally the availability of reliable, safe, and affordable storage for your precious metals and cryptocurrency is a prime consideration in where to actually acquire it. For the many of you who are understandably interested in offshore storage, you need to seriously contemplate this issue. In too many once-safe haven jurisdictions, the lost art of banking secrecy and private asset storage has been massively compromised over the last decade.

Consider Switzerland. This gold storage safe haven took a massive hit to its long-untarnished reputation in the wake of the U.S. Treasury and Justice Departments’ successfully cracking three centuries of banking secrecy laws simply by applying intense international, inter-governmental pressure in its relentless and vindictive quest to find, fine, and punish offshore American tax evaders.

Dubai is in a totally different position with its storage safety and security. The little emirate has not divulged nor attempted to seize any of its customers’ safe deposit boxes and gold hoards in private vault storage at any point in the past. This means that gold stored here is jurisdictionally among the safest on earth, far safer than in the competing offshore storage centers of Hong Kong and Switzerland for example.

This stems in no small part from the ruler of Dubai being to all intents and purposes an independent prince who rules his own mini-state autonomously and without internally or externally based challenges, all the while protected under the confederacy umbrella of the United Arab Emirates. The ruler’s totally unique position here guarantees that your gold and any other precious metals you store in this jurisdiction will be both anonymous and completely safe.

Storage here is also quite inexpensive, which is another huge plus in contemplating where to store your offshore-based gold bullion. Thanks to the presence of nearly brand new vaulting facilities which offer all of the latest security innovations and management technology, you can keep large quantities of gold bullion here in Dubai for a fraction of the cost of using Austria’s gold standard vaulting option equivalent of Das Safe as an example.


The primary private storage vault in Dubai is called the DMCC, conveniently located in the Almas Towers building, which is also the regional headquarters for world- leading gold company Regal Assets. The huge appeal to this facility lies in the fact that it proves to be the most secure and prestigious building in all of the wealthy Middle East, which in itself is no small feat.

This largest vault facility in the whole of the United Arab Emirates only dates back to 2009, making it one of the newer major vaults on the planet. As the vault was purpose-built and dedicated to storing gold and other metals from the start, it is equipped with all of the latest and most cutting-edged inventory management and security systems. The vault is co-operated, managed, and owned by Regal Assets and Brinks’ Global Security, giving it an extra layer of security and transparency.


Regarding the vault itself, the DMCC proves to be among the world’s most secure vaults. Heralded as the most secure precious metals storage vault in all of the Middle East (and one of the top five most secure vaults on earth), the day to day operations of this complex storage facility are aptly managed by Brink’s Security. This largest non-sovereign vault in the Middle East opened in 2009. It features multiple heavily guarded locked gates, secondary vault walls, is located a few stories underground and a story below sea level, and comes complete with 24/7 operational surveillance and security teams. The corridor is designed with anti-drilling schematics, while sensors cover vibration, motion, and even temperature changes.

Besides this, Dubai has a long-standing history of delivering world-class infrastructure for new financial and other business opportunities. It explains how it has developed into the leading gold trading center in the Middle East practically overnight, and is now one of the leading gold trading centers in the world, rivaling even Hong Kong and London for market trading volume.

In conclusion, we come back to the point of the tax-free status of Dubai. Should you ever decide to repatriate your gold or other precious metals, you will not suffer a penny in penalties from export/import tariffs, which simply do not exist on the precious metals in this autonomous emirate. You may also exercise the option to sell off your gold right in Dubai without suffering any exit penalties such as VAT or sales tax. It simply does not get any less expensive, safer, or jurisdictionally more secure than buying, holding, and selling gold and precious metals in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

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