Rob Booker Automatic Income Review

DOORS ARE NOW OPEN – Limited “Founding Members” Memberships Now Available (Click Below For a $3,000 Discount)

We have been following Rob for a while now… he has a lot of students having great success using his trading signals and education.

BUT… there is a catch!

When they say there are limited memberships available and doors are closing… it is not a marketing gimmick. We have seen it over and over… and over again.

We are a part of another membership, which once closed, was never opened again. Check out the membership card we received along with a hand written note by Rob:

membership card

So we would have to say that spots ARE limited and it once you miss out… it’s gone… Usually FOREVER!

Check out his last presentation and learn more about how you can make “Automatic Income” every Monday morning.

In this last video, Rob is answering common questions skeptics have and showcases his system and how easy it actually is.

Some of the hardest working people we know…

Are also struggling the most financially…

And they’re the most skeptical.

I’ve had dear friends work their butts off day in and day out, but still live paycheck to paycheck…

They’re under stress… and I hate to see it. (here’s your way out)

All they want to do is have the freedom to do whatever they want with their money… whether that means purchasing

  • The newest model of the iPhone
  • A brand new computer
  • Or even a Tesla

Living paycheck to paycheck sucks, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here Is What Is Inside This Limited Time “Founding Members” Membership:

  1. The first 2 “Monday Monday Payday” sent over to you via text and email – that means cash in your account – on auto pilot! (Value: $4,800)
  2. The “Insiders Kit” – Exclusive to members ONLY – amazing gear, trading journal, numbered membership card and a LOT more (Value: $499)
  3. 104 “Monday Morning Payday” signals over the next year and the year after that… for LIFE! (Value: $115,200)
  4. Exclusive meet ups for members – get a chance to  network, hang out and learn from other lifetime founding members, Rob and other successful traders (Value: $1,000+)
  5. BONUS REPORT (just added): Generational Wealth – 7 Stock Picks That Will Take Care of Your Family for Years to Come (Value: Priceless)
  6. SPECIAL BRIEFING: A special system on how to pay as little as possible in taxes to the government – legally! (Value: $10,000+)

Elite Trading Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know

LIVE STREAM (REPLAY): Rob Booker is Going Live to Showcase his Proprietary System that ANYONE can Use To Profit From Household Stocks

UPDATE: Due to extremely HIGH demand and limited bandwidth, seats are limited!

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Doors slam shut in:


Finally Revealed: Rob Booker is going to be showcasing LIVE how anyone can use his system to profit from the stock market.

YES! It can be done…

No skills required.

Can you click a few buttons on your computer or tap a few buttons on your phone?

That is all you need to know…

If you are skeptical, make sure you don’t miss the LIVE Stream today. It will blow your mind!

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Doors slam shut in:


FINAL VIDEO Before January 6th Live Event

Oh how time flies…

We’re just now 24 hours away from when Rob Is going to be firing up his  computer and hosting the world premiere of his new trading machine.

If you want a ticket for the event, tap here now

We wish you could have been there with him…

In his dad’s hometown…

Gadsden, Alabama…

Causing a ruckus.

People were pulling money out of thin air!! (or at least that’s what it feels like)

Now… is the money really “growing on trees”? No. But this all-new strategy is so simple it literally feels like you have a printing press in the palm of your hands!

And where is he making this money from?

He is trading household names.

These aren’t pump-and-dumps, these aren’t risky investments.

He is trading some of the largest companies in the world!!

OK – I can’t spoil much more… but I can say this…

Come tomorrow you could very easily be a thousand bucks richer…

But you have to tap here to RSVP now!

WATCH as a tiny town in Alabama goes into a FRENZY when they learn how to create Income with 3 clicks

You’ve probably heard it before…

Wall Street is an insider club. The rich get richer. The old money controls the market. And so on…

It’s a stereotype because it’s mostly true.

And it’s especially true when it comes to “hacks” that only the elite are using to profit from.

Rob Booker is turning Wall Street on its head though.

In this leaked interview, Rob argues with a hedge fund insider about whether or not the average joe – the little guy – can make money in the market.

And when it gets a bit heated, Rob makes a bet that he could show anyone how to generate “Auto Income” using the type of hack typically reserved for Wall Street elite.

Full Story Here

VIDEO – How Ashley Made $1,100 in Under A Minute With His System

It’s no secret: Wall Street isn’t designed for you to make money.

The Big Wigs on the inside don’t care about you. They’re busy lining their pockets.

And Rob Booker proved it in a new video.

Booker’s new formula is capable of helping everyday people around the country make real, meaningful income from the stock market.

But this insider wouldn’t believe it until he saw the results…

And he put his money where his mouth is…

They made a friendly wager for charity, and to win it, Rob had to prove that his system works…

Let’s just say, Booker’s favorite charity is going to be getting a very nice donation in the coming days.

Get the Full Story Here

VIDEO: Rob Booker Trading System – He Proves It LIVE!

In 1983, the most famous gentleman’s bet in trading history was made.

Richard Dennis, a legendary trader of his time, believed that anyone could learn to trade regardless of education, natural skill set, age or talent.

His partner believed it was a natural talent only a small percent of people were gifted with.

So, Richard made a bet with his partner. Launching an ad in the newspaper and putting up his own capital for 23 strangers to trade with after a short training period.

The rest, as they say, is history. The “turtles” generated hundreds of millions in profits over the years and the bet was a smashing success for Richard.

Now, 3 decades later, the same thought process has once again creeped into Wall Street.

This time, it’s more about “access”, “connections” and “institutional data” than it is about talent…

But the same myth is still very prevalent.

The belief that only insiders –only people in the club– can make significant, consistent money in the market.

Rob Booker, known for being “the people’s trader”, just had the exact same argument as Richard all those years ago.

And, like Richard, he made a bet with his hedge fund buddy that he could show anyone how to make income from the markets.

The way Rob explains it, he doesn’t even need anyone to go through a training program to start generating “automatic income”.

They just need to follow a couple of steps generate $532 or $784 or $903 or even $1,150 with a few clicks…

He’s about to go prove it.

And the whole thing is on film.

New Trading System by Rob Booker – Is It LEGIT?

This trip… it was the most humbling, inspiring, happy, and sometimes even sad trip of all time.

I met some incredible people.

I — we — changed some lives.

And they changed mine.

Absolutely nothing happened like I thought it would…

Or how we planned.

You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Because I promise you’ve never seen anything like it before….

What ended up happening was the greatest moment of my professional career.

What started as a simple challenge — a bet…

Turned into an event that changed an entire community…

And even involved the police.


Check it all out here

If you are looking for a strategy that turns $50 into billions then we want to be clear that this is not it.

The strategy Rob is focusing on is specifically geared to:

Grind out weekly income to help improve your family’s life…

Cover the cost of that extra vacation…

Pay for your kids (or grandkids) college…

Or to simply have supplemental income without being a slave to the computer.

How Rob Pulls Up to $1,050 each Monday Morning

Here is one thing you don’t need for 2020:

One more indicator to throw on your chart.

(include pic of chart with ridiculous amount of indicators)

A successful trader friend of mine literally threw almost every line off his chart and is focusing on one simple setup to produce up to $1,050 each Monday morning.

Better yet, it isn’t just him producing this type of income.

He put his money where his mouth was and shares it all here.

Let’s start with the good news…

First of all, you don’t have to go to Gadsden, AL in order to generate up to $1,050 with Monday morning Paydays System.

A crazy trader friend of mine just went there to prove his point.

He actually ended up in Gadsden, AL as part of a bet because it is about as far away from the Wall St elites that you can get (more on that later).

And guess what…

He is proving everyone (including a successful Hedge Fund trader) wrong.

Showing that this type of regular weekly payday is available to regular people.

Whether you live in Gadsden, AL, Conroe, TX or anywhere else in the world with access to a smart phone and brokerage account.

Access the Full Video Proof Here

This is a really cool story…

Rob Booker, the most down-to-earth millionaire I know, made a bet with a cocky hedge fund manager on your behalf.

You see, a lot of the guys “in the club” on Wall Street have the same view:

Consistent income and significant wealth isn’t for the average trader with an internet connection – it’s for the guys on the inside. The ones with connections and institutional access.

Rob Booker has been fighting that myth for over a decade…

And his new approach to stock income is the simplest way to prove that anyone can make real money on a ridiculously consistent basis.

That’s why he took a bet on the everyday trader’s behalf that he could show anyone, anywhere how to generate $532 or $784 or $903 or even $1,150 with a few clicks…

The best part?

Rob’s team caught it all on film.

Tap Here to Watch

Yesterday, Rob Booker leaked an interview between him and a fund manager…

It resulted in a massive bet about whether or not Rob could teach anyone, anywhere to create automatic income in the stock market.

Today, the challenge begins.

Rob heads to an obscure town in Alabama to prove that, with his system, even a random person on the street can create significant income with a few clicks.

Catch his latest update here

A few days ago Rob made a bet with a Wall Street veteran about whether or not anyone can learn to make money with Rob’s strategy.

That’s where things got interesting…

Mark, the hedge fund trader, challenged Rob to go to Gadsen, Alabama to find people to teach.

I guess he figured if people in the middle of nowhere could crush it in the stock market, that proves anyone could.

Well, Rob took that challenge very seriously…

He just posted a video of him heading to Gadsen to prove that his system is for everyone, everywhere.

Follow Along Here

This story just keeps getting better!

Skip the rest of this email and watch it here

Rob put an ad on Craigslist for people to learn to trade…

No one responded.

So he went ROGUE!

Literally finding people on the street and teaching them how to make income with a few clicks…

Then paying them out in cash for the profits!

You’ve gotta watch this…

Tap Here for the Full Video

Rob Booker is at it again…

He took on a weird challenge from a cocky hedge fund manager to prove trading can be easy and profitable for anyone when you do it the right way.

In this unscripted video, Rob ends up in a tiny town in Alabama to show traders on the streets that they can set up $1,150 paydays with a few clicks on this phone…

Then, Rob literally pays them out in cash right there for the profit they generated.

It’s incredible to watch…

Tap Here to View it Immediately

Rob Booker Showcases His System – Gets Thrown Out by the POLICE!

Things are getting out of hand at this point…

After showing strangers in Gadsden Alabama how to make instant income and then paying them their profits in cash, Rob Booker has literally created a frenzy.

Even the cops showed up!

But what he’s about to tell you is extremely important…

Rob announces how and when he’ll finally reveal exactly what’s happening behind the scenes to create automatic income.

You ready to learn which buttons to click?

Tap Here for this Urgent Announcement