Uulala ICO Review – Financial Inclusion for The Underbanked in Latin America

The private UULALA Tokensale

Right now the UULALA ICO is still in the early stages. It will soon be sold out as they are already filled up more than 90 percent. 

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Uulala is a financial solutions platform that provides the world’s underbanked populations access to the financial inclusion tools they need to change their future. Their platform focuses on emerging market growth sectors domestically and internationally including minority and millennial underbanked populations. Through the implementation of their services suite, Uulala users will build or enhance their credit profile. The database tracking capabilities across their service line suite will determine both which users currently qualify for and what level of creditworthiness, they currently qualify for as well as a path to obtaining higher credit thresholds. Their proprietary micro-credit algorithms and processes can extrapolate users’ purchase history and behavioral habits to forecast their true financial abilities on a moment by moment basis. Most financial activities do not count toward a standard credit score. The FICO system does not work around the world, and a change is needed for global consumers to have access to products and services they desire. The Uulala platform is a unique system that tracks all financial activities and combines that with patented decentralized database technology to show what level of creditworthiness a user possesses.

Check Out This Presentation by Oscar Garcia Explaining The UULALA Project

The Team

  • Oscar Garcia – CEO
  • Frank DiCrisi COO
  • Matthew Loughran CMO
  • Alan Alvarado
  • Damiano Riagoza
  • Andre Urena
  • Simran Singh
  • Deborah Castillero

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The UULALA Tokensaleuulala ICO

UULALA will create a total of 750,000,000 tokens. They will not create any new tokens in addition to such initial token amount. Each UULA token will be sold based on the schedule outlined in the ICO Timeline. There is a minimum purchase amount of 5 tokens per purchase. They already have functional banking platform, which offers remittance (domestic and international currency transfers), the ability to pay bills, digital credit building, and microloans.

On Nov 15 2017, they offered one-third (1/3) of all tokens (i.e., 250,000,000 UULA tokens) for purchase through a private presale in the UULALA investors cabinet built on multi-chain blockchain with the token symbol UULA. On (to be determined), UULALA will offer an additional one-third (1/3) of all UULA tokens (i.e., 250,000,000 UULA tokens) for purchase by the public.

Twenty percent (20%) of all tokens (i.e., 150,000,000 UULA tokens) will be retained (the “UULA Token Reserve”) for business development, market expansion, and UULALA Service Fees.

The remaining 100,000,000 tokens will be distributed to users of the UULALA platform pursuant to an incentive plan for users to invite friends and family to use the platform, maintain average monthly balances of at least $200 in user accounts, and pay back microloans.

They will accept a maximum (fixed limit) of $50,000,000 for purchase of all UULA tokens offered for sale to the public. The tokens created for such maximum amount contributed will in turn represent two-thirds (2/3) of all tokens.

In the case of an amount of contribution falling below such maximum amount, the difference between such lower amount and the maximum amount being reserved for future token sales.

Built on MultiChain


Pretty simple, cost of business and scalability. The amount of transactions they will process on the platform with their target customer base would cost them tens of millions a month in gas prices to transact on the Ethereum network. Each transaction within the Ethereum protocol requires payment which doesn’t fit the Uulala business model based on the size and volume of transactions. Also, they don’t want to have their blockchain module stuck each time the Ethereum blockchain is under heavy pressure during high volume usage during ICOs, or the latest kitten app is released on the network. MultiChain provides them the flexibility to conduct millions of transactions per month for our users without lag time and the transparency of the blockchain protocol for all transactions.

The original use case for MultiChain was for the financial services industry and existing organizations using and developing with MultiChain include technology titans like: Accenture, ANX International, Boston Consulting Group, Cognizant, CrimsonLogic, Indra, PWC, Apollo Group and many more.

The UULALA Token – Liquidity

The UULA token is designed to provide outstanding benefits for token sale participants and early rounds investors.

Utility value – Tokens will be used by their users to redeem incentive rewards provided by activity within the their financial services ecosystem. The usage of the token can be redeemed for offers through their partners.

Limited supply – With a set supply at the time of initial token offering and the increased issuance of tokens to reward users on the Uulala ecosystem the increasing transactions within the ecosystem will drive demand for token issuance from Uulala to its users. Uulala will buy UULA with profits gained throughout the last financial year. Uulala will, in turn ensure token availability for user issuance.

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