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​Wavy Tunnel PRO Review

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could consistently find profitable trades in ANY market cycle in any time frame? To FINALLY understand where and when to enter and exit trades? Read our Wavy Tunnel PRO review to find out how this might be possible.

It doesn’t matter where you are currently standing with your trading skills and account… we all want the same thing – to grow our accounts without risking our capital.

How many times has this happened to you?

You see a MONSTER TRADE on the chart and dream about how nice it would be to capture the wave and ride it all the way to massive profits.

Truth be told, this is the reality for some traders who are making a killing with just a FEW HOURS per day, every day… On the other side… there is another majority. Over 90% of traders quit before they see any profits. Most of the time, just loses.

Now you can generate profit over and over again in any market cycle with the help of this Elliott-based trading system.

If you take a look at this picture below, you will see the cornerstone of the trading system.

wavy Tunnel PRO Review and Scanner

What exactly is the Elliott Wave theory? Regarded as one of the most accurate means of identifying markets continuations, reversals and the 1 tools that has been used for decades to predict BIG market moves. So why doesn’t every trader use it?

It’s complicated…

To enable traders to take part of this Elliot Wave theory, the system had to be simplified. 30 years in the making it is finally here.

It all started back in the early 1980’s. One of the first female forex traders, who worked at JP Morgan and was trading GBP/USD successfully during the period when it moved from 2.40 to 1.05 and then back to 1.60. Her colleague at the time was an Elliott Wave analyst, providing daily analysis for the traders.

This same technical analyst earns millions/year, providing wave analysis to institutional traders and help thousands of people make money globally.

Wavy Tunnel system evolved over the years and still to this day, makes money of the waves. Consistently. In the video series you will learn how to trade at a level previously available only to institutional traders.

By trading these reasonably accurate wave counts you are immediately separated from the “pack”. Using the top down approach to go long or short by seeing the big picture, the odds dramatically stack in your favor.

The ​system enables you to see and pinpoint the Wave set ups and counts on your own. It is really hard to time the trades. When to enter and when to exit the trades? It is fairly easy to get the wave counts right and completely different to process that into actionable information to trigger an entry and exit. It is even harder to forecast all the possible outcomes and prepare your capital and strategy for every possible outcome.

The Elliott Wave Counting System for the individual investor

The system has been successfully traded and recently made available to individuals. The sole goal of the system is to enable the average trader to successfully identify these type of trades and profit. Many traders were already extremely successful, no matter their background, trading any asset.

Jody (the author) firmly believes that this methodology will work as long as humans trade the markets. The system is built on the masses –  the same way the Elliott Wave theory.

​So what is the Wavy Tunnel Pro with Scanner?

After years of development the system is now complete with a scanner. The Wavy Tunnel PRO Scanner scans 30 CFD’s (indices,commodities and interest rates), 36 currency pairs and 100 stocks – finding those big fat profitable trends.

Technology that is available today enables scanning and automation of this powerful methodology.

Now you can:

  • without being a expert – accurately predict trend and WHERE the market is moving
  • estimate the movement (up or down) by using Fibonacci and place the perfect position size based on the desired profit levels, stop loss level and risk level
  • Have the perfect timing for your trades by mapping the scanner to your trading platform
  • Maximize your profits by entering the trades, set the stop loss on an expert level with this robust strategy

Only ​registered students have access to these exclusive strategies and insights, separating you from the “masses”. The system enables you to trade on the same level as the big banks.

Wavy Tunnel PRO – Trading Method of Professionals

One of the many benefits of this trading systems include:

  • Upgrade your skills needed to spot these monster trades, before others
  • When you see the “big picture” your confidence levels as a trader will go through the roof
  • You will learn to predict the possible outcomes and adjust accordingly
  • With the top down approach you will be able to go where the money is “hiding” – trading only the high probability trades
  • Learn the correct way to look at the charts and immediately know and know if a trade is worth pursuing
  • Discover the tricks to trade mechanically. No emotions. This is what is needed to make a killing with trading.

The Wavy Tunnel PRO Course – 22 Modules of Trading Education

A trading system using the potential of the Elliot Wave Analysis and Fibonacci…

… without being complex

… being extremely accurate

… and bulletproofing it with their “trade plans”

Section 1 – Elliot Wave Series (4 Modules)

Elliot Wave Basics

The first module is all about building a solid foundation. By getting the basic wave patterns and characteristics internalized, you will get a solid understanding of the market moves and get the instinct to spot these big moves.

Impulsive Wave Patterns

Impulsive wave patterns and corrective wave patterns are the two types. An in-depth look into all possible wave structures. Learn all the rules and guidelines and calculate your targets for big trend moves. Learn how to spot the end of a trend and know exactly when to exit a trade.

Corrective Wave Patterns

In module 3 you will learn all about the Flats, Zig Zags, Triangles and combinations to become a corrective pattern expert. Just like in module 2, you will learn the rules and guidelines to make sure you are in on the trend before everybody else!

Putting it all together

​It is time to put everything you learned so far into a complete picture. With the trading map you will be able to plan your trade and determine the position size at the beginning of a trend move. You will also learn how to maximize your profits and scale down when a corrective move incurs.

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